It's Time to Buy Yourself a Bubble Ring

Between celebrities and influencers, this playful, child-like jewelry trend is suddenly everywhere.

Bubble Rings
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If you, like many fashion lovers, use social media as a tool to stay on top of the latest looks, you've likely spotted some colorful, chunky rings during a recent scroll. These quirky-cute, child-like accessories (which are definitely a nostalgic nod to the '90s) have popped up on the fingers of influencers and celebrities alike, adding an extra dose of fun to outfits worn by Bella Hadid, Dua Lipa, and Miley Cyrus.

Bubble rings, as we've started to call these ever-expanding, oversized, shiny pieces, are taking over as the top jewelry trend of 2021. And, whether you prefer plastic or enamel, to stack 'em or wear one solo, it's worth getting on board, ASAP. These joyful little extras, which tend to fall on the more affordable side in terms of pricing, will no doubt boost your mood and your simplest spring and summer ensembles.

Check out a few great bubble ring looks, ahead, then shop one (or three) for yourself.

Celebrities Are Loving the Bubble Ring Trend

Aside from being spotted on actresses, artists, and even models like Bella Hadid, this trend is a favorite among fashion influencers, and has exploded on social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok.

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It's a Great Way to Show Your Personal Style

Many bubble rings include embellishments and jewels, meaning you have the opportunity to make this trend all your own. Invest in a monogrammed option, one with a smiley face, or another fun detail that expresses something meaningful.

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They're a '90s Throwback

At a time when more questionable trends like bucket hats and butt fashion have successfully made a comeback, these rings — which remind us a bit of old school arcade game prizes — feel like an easier, less obvious way to embrace the decade.

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Pile Them On

The good thing about this jewelry trend is there really aren't any rules. You can stack your bubble rings however you want, adding one (or two!) to every finger.

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Make It More Subtle

While these rings are no doubt statement-making, it is possible to make this accessory trend feel more toned down. Instead of going the multiples route, stick with one or two rings, which will add just enough of a pop.

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Match Them to Your Manicure

Unsurprisingly, bubble rings show up in a variety of manicure photos on Instagram. People enjoy coordinating them with color of their nails, and have even used the quirky shapes as design inspiration.

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Go Over-the-Top

Just because this accessory is bold doesn't mean you have to keep the rest of your outfit tame. In fact, if you're typically drawn to whimsical, puffy, and fluffy designs, these babies will complement that aesthetic quite nicely.

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Try a Gold Alternative

Perhaps neons and bright colors aren't really your thing, and you're more of a classic jewelry person. Well, you're in luck — oversized bubble rings are made in metal, gold, and silver, too, so you can follow the trend in a more timeless way.

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Mix and Match

Don't be afraid to style your stack with a few fancier pieces as well. If seeing all those colors on your hand feels too extreme, add some delicate options, signet rings, and gemstones to provide balance.

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Incorporate Other Spring Trends

The good news is, so many of 2021's top trends give off that nostalgic feel, so it's time to lean in. If you're stepping out in a knit vest and leather pants combo, slip on a bubble ring and go full '90s.

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