It's definitely her signature accessory.
Britney Spears Choker Necklaces
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If someone asked us to describe Britney Spears' signature style, our mind would immediately go to the classics: crop tops, bodysuits, and, more recently, teeny tiny shorts. But looking at photos from the singer's past, we noticed that almost all of her best looks include the same detail. Spears loves a choker necklace, and has been adding them to her outfits since at least 1999.

Even scrolling through her Instagram, it's hard to miss this signature accessory in her latest posts. Spears pairs chokers with her favorite floral tops, styles them with swimsuits, and even wears them while working out. Somehow, she's proven that this statement-making accessory is actually pretty versatile.

There have been plenty of times throughout Spears' career where she's stepped out wearing a choker. Whether it's extra-large and sparkly, or sweet and sort of subtle, it continues to be one of her go-tos, over 20 years later.


Britney Spears Choker Necklaces
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In the early days, Spears went with larger, eye-catching chokers, like the one she wore to 1999's MTV Video Music Awards. It perfectly completed her shiny outfit, which consisted of a metallic twin set and snake-print pants.


Britney Spears Choker Necklaces
Credit: Dave Hogan/Getty Images

A year later at the same show, she added a splash of color to her black dress with a playful beaded option.


Britney Spears Choker Necklaces
Credit: Frank Trapper/Corbis via Getty Images

Who could forget Britney and Justin's coordinated denim moment? Even while making fashion history at the American Music Awards, a large silver choker was clearly visible.


Britney Spears Choker Necklaces
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Despite being overshadowed by her black cap, this chunky, rope-like design still caught our eye at the VMAs.


Britney Spears Choker Necklaces
Credit: Bill Davila/FilmMagic

Spears kept things elegant yet fashion-forward at Glamour's 2003 Women of The Year Awards. A simple, sleek choker was the final touch when it came to her all-black ensemble.


Britney Spears Choker Necklaces
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So many of the singer's stage outfits included this necklace style. She even wore one with a tight black bodysuit while touring the UK in the early '00s.


Britney Spears Choker Necklaces
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Talk about a statement piece! Look closely and you'll find that this black design perfectly matches the embellishments on Spears' dress.


Britney Spears Choker Necklaces
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Of course, Spears is a fan of more delicate jewelry, too. When stepping out in a casual jeans outfit, she subtly added a small chain choker to her look.


Britney Spears Choker Necklaces
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A black choker and lacy bra transformed Spears' vest into something super sexy at the iHeartRadio Music Festival.


Britney Spears Choker Necklaces
Credit: Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for EJAF

Fancy events call for fancier, tasseled options. Spears broke out this bold little extra while attending Elton John's Academy Awards Viewing Party.


Britney Spears Choker Necklaces
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Sometimes, all you need is one attention-grabbing piece to take your look to the next level. In this case, it was a single, silver choker that made Spears' VMAs look pop.


Britney Spears Choker Necklaces
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Even while attending a fashion show, the star didn't forget her favorite little extra. This time, she decided to coordinate, using a large black choker to amp up her LBD.


Britney Spears Choker Necklaces
Credit: Steve Granitz/WireImage

All these years later, Spears continues to wear chokers, and given how great she looks in them, we hope she never stops.