These Are the Best Bags to Shop for Spring 2022, According to Your Zodiac Sign

It's time to rock a purse that aligns with your innermost energy.

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Spring Bags by Zodiac Sign
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In many ways, spring represents a fresh start, and if you're itching to add a new item or two to your wardrobe this season, you might want to update your everyday bag. There are plenty of fun, joyful options to choose from right now, but if you're going to drop a decent amount of money, it's best to choose wisely — and with astrology in mind.

By buying a purse that aligns with your innermost energy, it's possible to change up your entire vibe and even manifest your best life. Check out the designs that best suit each sign, ahead, or go another route and try your hand at color magic.


Lele Sadoughi Natural Daisy Crotchet Shoulder Bag

Lele Sadoughi

Aries are always on the move, so they'll appreciate having a go-to tote that is able carry all of their necessities. A fun crochet option, complete with brightly colored flowers, will make them feel especially ready to take on the warmer months — and might just become their favorite accessory of the season.

Lele Sadoughi Natural Daisy Crotchet Shoulder Bag; $245


Coach Pillow Tabby Shoulder Bag 26


A simple bag in a pastel color is ideal for Taurus to wear this season. As long as it's convenient, featuring a top handle or crossbody options, the Bull will find a way to style this baby with all the spring outfits they have planned.

Coach Pillow Tabby Shoulder Bag 26; $495


Brandon Blackwood Arlen Mesh Top Handle Bag

Saks Fifth Avenue

Geminis have the false reputation of being shady, which is why the mercurial sign might want a purse that's transparent and allows others to see within. This sign has no secrets to hide, and instead, will allow everyone to see just how fabulous (and honest!) they truly are.

Brandon Blackwood Arlen Mesh Top Handle Bag; $185


Telfar Medium Red Shopping Bag


Cancer will be the sign that not only scores themselves a Telfar bag, but is able to snag several options, in different colorways, to wear all season long. Still, the medium-sized shopper in red is the perfect pick for this crab, both in size and color, and they'll be able to show off to all their friends.

Telfar Medium Red Shopping Bag; $202


Dries Van Noten Multicolor Small Fringe Shoulder Bag

Bergdorf Goodman

Leos love attention, and that's exactly what a multicolored fringe bag will get them. Not only will they turn heads each time they wear it out, but it will also help them to embrace their tempestuous and fiery nature. Plus, the shiny, playful design will spark a lot of joy and bring some excitement into their lives.

Dries Van Noten Multicolor Small Fringe Shoulder Bag; $1,720

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Gucci GG Marmont Mini Bucket Bag


This earth sign tends to steer clear of the frills and thrills of over-the-top, decadent purses, so a simple pouch in a neutral shade is the perfect choice for a Virgo. The classic design and muted, versatile color will match their timeless aesthetic for the season.

Gucci GG Marmont Mini Bucket Bag; $1,050


Fiorucci Angels Mini Heart Bag


Libras are lovers of love, and spring is the time in which they're attracting the relationships they desire. All the more reason why they should wear their heart on the outside, rather than keep it hidden. A bag in a heart shape will help them express their innermost sentiments and passion for romance.

Fiorucci Angels Mini Heart Bag; $135


Isabel Marant Botsy Small Satchel Bag

Isabel Marant

If Scorpio must add an accessory to their wardrobes this season, they should make it a satchel bag. As long as the item comes in an understated color that allows the scorpion to dress in any manner they choose, and won't take attention away from their already-fabulous outfits, it's the perfect match for them.

Isabel Marant Botsy Small Satchel Bag; $890

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Anthropologie Nannacay Karin Satchel


Sagittarius is a sign that loves life and experiences in general. Therefore, a bag that has a bunch different elements in its design, sparking their wanderlust and thrilling energy, will become their new favorite. Complete with bright and vivacious colors, the archer will not only enjoy rocking this accessory for the spring and summer, but will continue breaking it out in the years ahead.

Nannacay Karin Satchel; $288


BTB Los Angeles Ella Clutch


Although Capricorns are known for their sleek, business-ready attire, a straw clutch will allow them add a hint of spring to their everyday style. Even better, the sea-goat will be able to take this bag from the boardroom to after-work activities with friends.

BTB Los Angeles Ella Clutch; $58


Zara Beaded Mini Bucket Bag


Aquarius are known to be the bohemians of the zodiac, and a beaded bag that sparks their inner "love child" will bring them on a nostalgic trip back to the spring flings of their youth. Plus, this Zara pick will create a cool vintage vibe and add a splash of color to their ensemble.

Zara Beaded Mini Bucket Bag; $60


Hereu Espiga Mini Bag


Pisces are known to collect accessories and bags, so one that comes in a unique shape and color will surely spark their interest. After all, the artistic, whimsical fish prefers wearing different shades that speak to each season, while the braided handle will ensure this choice sticks out from a sea of purses.

Hereu Espiga Mini Bag; $468

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