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Personalized Bag Strap LEAD
Credit: Sarah Balch

So you’re ready to invest in a luxury handbag, are you? I have many suggestions. But before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s talk about versatility. Versatility in an accessory can come in a number of ways: the color can make it versatile, the shape, the material … or in some cases, a brand will do something extra to make an item just that much more special.

Valentino has come up with an interesting way to give you more out of your bag with a new in-store customization service available in select national boutiques. And get this: Unlike most brands that allow you to simply customize the bag with your initials, Valentino is taking it to the strap, selling beaded letters that can be applied to their street-style-favorited guitar straps.

Come to think of it, a personalized strap is almost as good as a bag itself … or maybe even better? Interchanging a strap on any of your handbags, luxury or otherwise, with an elevated camouflage beaded strap sounds like a great idea for spicing up an older handbag that’s been gathering dust in your closet. Who needs a new handbag when they can get a new strap to put on ALL their handbags? Brilliant.

The exclusive guitar strap monogramming is available at boutiques in Beverly Hills, Bal Harbour, San Francisco, and New York City Fifth Avenue. Each letter costs $25.