By Andrea Cheng
Updated Oct 07, 2016 @ 4:15 pm
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When Nasiba Adilova and Miroslava Duma launched The Tot two years ago, they did so with the intent to solve issues and address concerns that affect mothers everywhere through smart editorial and a curated inventory of tried-and-tested products. One of those issues? The absence of a chic diaper bag on the market. They took matters into their hands and teamed up with designer (and fashion industry darling) Mary Katrantzou to launch what they consider the dream diaper bag. It boasts all the elements of a luxury designer tote, but with the added benefit of being incredibly versatile, with practical compartments designed to hold everything, from diapers to binkies.

"When I was pregnant, there were many beautiful choices for a diaper bag, but none of them would fit everything I needed," Adilova explains. "I wanted a simple bag, like Louis Vuitton or Goyard; basically, a fashionable tote for fashionable moms that didn't look like a diaper bag."

The bag underwent three redesigns until it met their criteria—a wider, roomier shape (to hold a lot more stuff), an additional longer strap (that you can hang on every kind of stroller), a more durable, water-resistant leather (the inside lining is water-resistant as well), a bigger zipper (to help you zip, even if the bag is stuffed to the brim), and a larger waterproof changing pad (that you can unclip from inside the bag). As for the print, Adilova and Duma went through Katrantzou's design archives and selected two styles: a Mongolian stamp from her collection, where she replaced the original text with "The Tot," and a white horse (that they call a unicorn in-house).

Credit: Courtesy

With a $1,700 price tag, the diaper bag isn't cheap. But Adilova insists that it's not expensive, either. In fact, she says Katrantzou had wanted to mark it up even higher. And compared with other high-end diaper bags (made out of nylon, FYI), which start at $2,000, this one is considered to be on the affordable end of the designer bag spectrum. "Yes, you can find very cheap diaper bags, but they don't look like fashion bags. They're not very well made, you'll use it only for a couple of years, and you'll probably throw it away," she says. "The great thing about this one is that it makes a really great travel bag after. This one will last you forever."

And only a week after its launch, they've already been receiving positive feedback. "The result is fantastic," Adilova says. "People have bought it, written to us to say there's nothing else like it on the market. They love it."

Only 180 of the limited-edition Mary Katrantzou diaper bags were made, so head to to grab one for yourself—even if you don't have a child.