It was everywhere this year.

By Tara Gonzalez
Dec 13, 2019 @ 11:45 am
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The only person who may have had a bigger year than J.Lo was Susan Alexandra. Sure, J.Lo had Hustlers, a CFDA award, and a Golden Globe nomination, but Susan Alexandra had models that wore bags as hats at a bat mitzvah-themed fashion show. And if you’re wondering who exactly Susan Alexandra is, well, remember those photos of Katie Holmes’s daughter Suri Cruise and her friend looking like a mini version of the clique from Heathers wearing tiny blazers and cute beaded bags? That’s Susan Alexandra. Not Suri Cruise’s BFF. The beaded bags

Susan Korn, the NYC-based designer of Susan Alexandra, has a signature beaded bag that’s so famous it should have been offered a supporting role in Hustlers. Or at the very least it should have been invited to the Met Gala this past May, considering its colorful, kitschy, and the absolute embodiment of 2019’s Camp theme in every possible way. Every Susan Alexandra beaded bag is handmade in New York City with the intention of “bringing joy and sparkle to everyday life,” as per the Susan Alexandra website. 

None of the bags take themselves too seriously. Almost all of them look like candy. Some even have pretzels on them. Others are dripping in sparkly diamond-shaped accents. And it all started with a bag shaped like a watermelon. Korn saw a Chinatown store with beaded figurines, asked the shop’s owner to make her a watermelon bag, and now her signature beaded bag style, which is currently on sale at Shopbop, has been everywhere. 

The Susan Alexandra Merry Bag went to Greece on Gigi Hadid’s yacht. Suri Cruise owns a bright blue one adorned with beaded strawberries. Considering Holmes is the style star of the moment, I’d like to think she’s taken Cruise’s Susan Alexandra bag out for a spin at least once or twice. Even CGI influencer Lil Miquela recently collaborated with the brand to make a rainbow cow-print bag so beautiful it’ll make you want to drink milk. 

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Susan Alexandra’s bags are so popular because, unlike most things in fashion, they’re fun. They’re happy. Whenever I personally feel like I’m on the verge of an existential crisis, I grab my Moo bag and feel like it’s all going to be okay. At the very least, I laugh and everyone on the street runs up to me to tell me how much they love it. Last week when I wore my Susan Alexandra bag out in the bitter cold in New York, a grumpy-looking man in a busker hat walked up to me, smiled, and said my bag made his entire week. Week! 

Because the bags are perfect and handmade, they can range in price from $108 to $525. For an ‘it’ bag that absolutely dominated the 2019 style scene, it’s thousands more affordable than a bag of that notoriety would typically cost. Right in time for the holidays, Shopbop has a ton of Susan Alexandra’s best selling bags heavily discounted. Most of them actually cost less than $200 right now. 

The bags make the perfect gift for anyone, including yourself. And if you’re looking for an easy way to seamlessly blend in with Suri Cruise’s friend group, look no further. 

Shop all the best Susan Alexandra bags on sale at Shopbop, below.

Susan Alexandra Emerald City Bag


Shop now: $188 (Originally $375);

Susan Alexandra Zebra Bag


Shop now: $148 (Originally $295);

Susan Alexandra Janie Bag


Shop now: $301 (Originally $430);

Susan Alexandra Merry Bag


Shop now: $216 (Originally $360);

Susan Alexandra Rainbow Bag


Shop now: $180 (Originally $360);

Susan Alexandra Ma Cherie Bag


Shop now: $231 (Originally $385);

Susan Alexandra Beatrix Bag


Shop now: $138 (Originally $275);

Susan Alexandra Peony Bag


Shop now: $188 (Originally $375);

Susan Alexandra Bop Crystal Bag


Shop now: $233 (Originally $465);

Susan Alexandra Spritz Bag


Shop now: $195 (Originally $325);

Susan Alexandra Pretzel Bag


Shop now: $297 (Originally $495);