Natalia Dyer Says She Loves This Tiny "Go-With-Anything" Bag, Which Surprisingly Fits a Lot of Stuff

"I tend to have one bag, and I feel like this is definitely a one bag kind of bag," she tells InStyle about Longchamp's new design.

Natalia Dyer Longchamp


If you've watched Stranger Things, you may have grown used to seeing Natalia Dyer wear colorful '80s clothing, but in real life, the actress says her style preference is usually opposite — except when it comes to accessories.

"In my normal life, I do tend to gravitate toward neutrals, so it's nice to have a pop of color," she tells InStyle at Longchamp's New York Fashion Week event, referring to the brand's bright orange Box-Trot bag, which she paired with a black and white outfit. Although the purse is fiery and statement-making at first glance, Dyer swears it's surprisingly versatile. "It's funny — I feel like red is such a neutral. An orangey red is bright, but it does go with anything."

Natalia Dyer Longchamp


That's especially good news for the star, who says she wears the same purse every day for long periods of time.

"These are go-with-anything bags, which for me, is important," she tells us. "I tend to have one bag, and I feel like this is definitely a one bag kind of bag. And it fits things, which you can't say about every bag. Even the mini-sized one fits all of my things, which, for most events that I go to, I can't say the same."

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Longchamp Box-Trot Crossbody Bag XS

Longchamp Box-Trot Bag


The sleek, structured, and slightly preppy Box-Trot also feels like the perfect fit for fall, which Dyer says might be her favorite season to dress for.

"Fall is the best fashion because you can layer so many things," she explains, adding that in winter, she's less worried about looking cute and, instead, is focused on staying warm in her "sleeping bag" coats. "Fall is nice where it's like, 'Oh, I can put things on top of things,' like scarves, and cardigans, and jackets. You can get really creative. Fall is really such a fun, exciting time for fashion in general."

Natalia Dyer Longchamp


Of course, if you spot Dyer out and about in a familiar outfit over the next few months, you can safely assume she's channeling her famous character, Nancy Wheeler, who is sometimes a source of fashion inspiration.

"Stranger Things is period [costumes] and things that you wouldn't necessarily have, but there are so many times where, after going into a fitting, I'll be on Etsy or something like, 'How do I find this specific sweater that I just tried on?'" Dyer tells us.

Stranger Things

While her style isn't as feminine as Nancy's, the actress does find that she enjoys certain cuts and fits from '80s designs. "The raw denim, high-waisted pants of the '80s were such a nice thing that I never would've necessarily found for myself. There is inspiration, I think, in any character. You start leaning into it, and my closet will begin accumulating more clothes like that character."

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