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Confession of the day: I'm a bag lady. I carry around about four bags at a time because it's essential I have my 1) laptop 2) wallet 3) something to read 4) a granola bar ... the list goes on and on. It's near impossible to find a bag that fits it all. A large tote basically turns into a wide abyss of nothingness. A clutch can barely close once you add a Mophie to the equation ... what's a busy gal like myself to do?

Hearing the customers' complaints, especially regarding technology fitting into their bags, designers have begun problem-solving. A brand that's up to the task? Senreve, which last November launched their Maestra bag (fully capable of holding a FULL SIZED LAPTOP), which sold out in days.

Senreve's bags are handcrafted by artisans in Florence, Italy, and made from pebbled Italian leather and micro-suede. The raw edges are all hand painted, so the fact that these bags retail for under $1,000 is frankly unbelievable.

We're excited to announce their newest bag, the Mini Maestra, which is like the original, but shrunken. Don't worry, it'll fit an iPad. Here, we speak to the designers on the Mini, which can be worn three ways (as a backpack, crossbody, or top handle).

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Why was it important to you to make a bag that could be worn multiple ways?
Life is busy and we wanted to design handbag that adapts to all the activities on our calendar. It's also so important to have that hands-free option when we're running around all day.

The thing we love most about this bag that it fits an iPad. What made you guys think of that?
We love the idea of merging tradition and innovation. A beautifully crafted handbag (tradition) that embraces the use of technology (innovation) seemed a nice fit. We also heard our customers when they asked for a petite looking bag that's roomy enough for their electronics and essentials!

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What type of technology are you personally obsessed with?
We love Tesla and think it's a great brand that combines design and technology. There's also a personalization and customization element which we find fascinating and will start to explore with Senreve as well. Stay tuned on that!

How does technology play a part in your designs?

Technology enables our end-to-end experience: from design and development to final delivery and ongoing relationship building with Senreve customers. For example, we pay very close attention and analyze all of the data from our site: studying shopping patterns, managing behavioral algorithms and of course, customer feedback. From there we have an idea of what our customer wants and needs. In fact, part of the inspiration for developing the Mini Maestra came from our analysis of this data during the months after our initial launch.

So who exactly did you make this bag for?
The Mini Maestra was made for our Senreve woman. She is on-the-go, very busy, but also appreciates luxury and design. She might take the Maestra Bag to a meeting during the week and sport the Mini Maestra around on the weekend. Or she's an executive who typically carries an iPad everywhere vs. a laptop. She also aspires to be organized and well put together!

Senreve Bag Launch Lead
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The Mini Maestra, $695, comes in seven colors and is available for purchase on senreve.com now.