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In fashion, when a new, trendy piece hits viral status, it hits hard. Such has been the case with the Gucci belt, those Fila Disruptor sneakers, Realisation Par's #LeopardMidiSkirt, and now, we can safely say the same for Linjer’s Doctor's Bag.

Remember the incredible little bag we reported on back in September of last year? Before it even launched, it had already racked up a waitlist of over 3,000 eager shoppers, and it sold like wildfire the moment the password-protected product page officially went live. The bag has since been restocked only a handful of times, selling out almost immediately with each refresh, and is only available every few months.

Today, the Doctor’s Bag is finally back in stock after generating a waitlist numbering over 50,000 people. Yes, you read that right — that’s about a 1,600 percent growth in interest since launch.

Linjer, a largely still-unknown watch and bag brand from Switzerland, has been generating massive interest among fans of luxury leather goods at affordable prices (not to mention celebrities like Brie Larson and Irina Shayk). Its best-selling Tulip bag also recently restocked following a massive waitlist, and its newly introduced line of jewelry is flying off shelves.

The Doctor’s Bag, which is available in supple Navy Blue and Black, retails for $345, and is currently back after being impossible to purchase for a long spell. Although it only just restocked before the weekend, it’s already running dangerously low in stock in both colors. Given the bag’s history of selling out fast, we expect the stock to be totally depleted by as early as tonight.

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