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The Bag With a 50,000-Person Waitlist Is Back for a Limited Time
Credit: Instagram/LinjerCo

I’m not exaggerating when I say that every single time I wear this one purse, a stranger stops me in the street to ask about it. And since I wear this bag a lot, I’ve become quite accustomed to the attention this “gah!”-triggering bag inspires. But honestly, I get it: When I first saw Linjer’s Doctor’s Bag, I dropped my phone.

“Perfect” is a lazy word, but it’s one that’s easier than ever to reach for when describing this bag. It’s the Goldilocks-ian ideal in size for any excursion that doesn’t require a laptop or an overnight set. The 9-by-5-by-8-inch stout carrier is discretely spacious: I’ve stacked its loaf-like frame with any number of things I didn’t think would fit — rolled-up sweaters, emptied reusable coffee mugs, impulse Aesop purchases — all in addition to the phone, wallet, and keys I wouldn’t dare leave the house without. And yet it’s always managed to look delicate and petite.

Its pretty gold-tone hardware isn’t overdone; just a few flashes of metal on the clasp, strap, and buckle, plus four well-placed feet that keep the base from scratching. It’s the supple Italian leather that really shines here.

It’s not just me and some inquisitive strangers who’ve felt a panicked need for the Doctor’s Bag on first sight. The bag actually launched to a 3,000-person-strong waitlist and then promptly sold out. Think that’s something? By the time it restocked, that waitlist had grown to a spit-swallowing 50,000 people.

Today, that very bag is back like you’ve never seen it before. Not only have the black and navy (my fave) styles been restocked, Linjer is releasing a never-before-seen burgundy edition. The bag is live as of 8:30 a.m. ET today, and we highly recommend snapping one up quickly — this limited-edition colorway is designed to sell out.

Shop the Doctor’s Bag for $345 at while you still can.

The Bag With a 50,000-Person Waitlist Is Back for a Limited Time
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