I hardly go anywhere without it.
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Leatherology Crossbody Bag
Credit: Leatherology

No purse collection is complete without a reliable crossbody bag that you can sling across just about any outfit. Yes, work totes are essential and statement purses are a delight, but a crossbody bag is always there for you when you need it. Large totes can buckle under the pressure of heavy laptops and leave your shoulders aching; statement purses come and go with the trends, but a good crossbody bag is forever (well, sort of... you get the idea).

Now that I’ve convinced you of the necessity of such an accessory, might I direct your attention to the Meadow Mini Camera Bag from Leatherology, an under-the-radar brand with a sprinkling of celebrity fans and collaborators who range from Nina Dobrev and Lily Collins to Diane Von Furstenburg and Serena Williams. I’ve been the proud owner of my own personalized Leatherology crossbody purse for over a year, and I can confidently say that, unlike my ex-boyfriend, me and this bag are in it for the long-haul.

The customizable bag is made with full grain leather that feels soft and luxe. I occasionally spot clean mine with a damp cloth to keep it looking brand new, but you can also use the Leatherology’s own leather cleaner and conditioner for upkeep.

Inside the purse you’ll find five sewn-in leather card slots and an interior wall pocket that happens to perfectly fit a passport, cash, and spare change, eliminating the need for even a tiny wallet. Despite its small size, the main compartment is large enough to comfortably stow an iPhone 11, a set of keys, and a few essential makeup items. It also zips closed to keep all of your must-haves secure.

Now for the fun part: personalization. Part of Leatherology’s allure is its promise to tailor each bag to every customer’s preferences — well, at least to those willing to shell out a little extra cash in the name of a personal touch. Take my Meadow Mini Camera Bag, for example. It comes standard with a thin strap, but you can select from a variety of colors free of charge if you’re feeling a mix and match colorblock moment.

Extra costs come in if you elect to swap out the thin strap for another style entirely. For instance, you can upgrade to a thicker guitar strap for an additional $10. However, some style swaps actually reduce the total cost of the bag, like opting for a shoulder/belt or wristlet strap, which will take $5 to $30 off your purchase, respectively.

And for those who never stopped inking their initials on the tags of cherished belongings, you can monogram the bag with one to five uppercase characters in serif or sans serif font. Or, you can purchase a hand-painted set of initials or a minimalist stripe in a color combination of your choosing. No matter what you pick, you’ll be left with a unique bag made just for you.

The crossbody purse is available in 13 colors, including signature shades like black onyx, scarlet, and electric blue. Plus, select colors like dusk and fuschia are marked down from their original price of $150 to just $115.

You might not be able to customize the perfect partner, but you can certainly create the perfect bag (like I did). Head to Leatherology to design your own.

Meadow Mini Camera Bag Black Onyx
Credit: Courtesy

Shop now: $150; leatherology.com