It also announced a brand-new partner rider to join its equestrian squad.

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Join me on a journey, won’t you? Close your eyes, get comfy, take a deep breath. Don’t fall asleep! Picture the fanciest thing you can imagine. The most luxurious luxury — the most old-school, wildly elegant experience in the history of everything.

Did you picture riding a horse on an Hermès saddle in the heat of Palm Beach in February? If not, you imagined wrong.

Last week, Hermès announced the launch of its new Vivace Saddle, designed to be as thin as possible to keep close contact between the horse and its rider (this is a saddle for the tippy top-level jumpers). Seriously, I’m hard pressed to imagine anything more luxurious than A) being an equestrian of the caliber that owns their own horses and saddles, and B) owning an Hermès saddle.

Think about that: an Hermès saddle! For riding horses with! Not for displaying proudly in your home for everyone to touch and fondle and inhale its fine leather scent!

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Credit: thierry billet

Who is this lucky person, you ask? Well, her name is Lucy Deslauriers, and she is a young equestrian and one of Hermès’ partner riders. She made her debut as an Hermès Partner Rider at the 2019 Winter Equestrian Festival, where the saddle was also revealed.

If all of this feels a little out of left field: surprise! Hermès was founded as a maker of harnesses and saddles in 1837. The brand’s history is steeped in equestrian details, and its saddles continue to be made by hand using two needles in what is known as the “saddle stitch.”

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Should you be interested in your very own saddle, know that they start at $8,200 and can be purchased at And just because the world is big and fun and delightful, you can peruse a handful of other horse accessories here. An Hermès orange horse coat! An Hermès Crossover Noseband Snaffle! What a life!