Prepare to see all of your favorite street style stars carrying this bag in 3, 2, 1 ...

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If you ever watched Sex and the City you are likely familiar with the iconic purse that Carrie Bradshaw couldn't get enough of. It was small, sort of oblong, and it became a trend that withstood the test of time. It's the Fendi baguette.

More than 20 years since it's debut, Fendi is proving how effortlessly the baguette has evolved with the times, with a campaign video starring Sarah Jessica Parker herself, we might even say it's better than ever.

To celebrate the iconic bag, Fendi hosted a soirée at its Madison Avenue store, and the theme was "BFF." It's a play on the best friends forever acronym, but in a Fendi world it means Baguette Friends Forever. Besties Amanda Seyfried and Emma Roberts stepped out for the night, wearing their own Fendi baguettes, of course. And we found out about where Seyfried's obsession for Fendi bags began.

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"My first introduction to the brand was actually from Mean Girls," Seyfried exclusively tells InStyle. "I was 17. I couldn't afford nice things like that, and I saw Fendi and what it meant. And then of course, Sex and the City really changed things, too, on another level. If Carrie Bradshaw is giving it the OK, then everybody needs to have it." And now, once again, they can.