8 Fright-Free Pieces Inspired by the Discovery Channel's Shark Week

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Happy Shark Week! If you’re more comfortable couch-surfing watching the Discovery Channel’s non-stop coverage then throwing yourself into the ocean with the underwater beasts, we’ve got eight items that you can wear to make your dip in TV a little more theme-appropriate. From tooth-shaped pendants to fin-covered footwear, click to see our fright-free, shark-inspired pieces that are sure to make a splash, no water required.

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The one-for-one shoe brand created a special-edition nautical sneaker covered in ocean blue shark print for Discovery's Shark Week. $5 from the sale of each pair goes to support Oceana, a non-profit that supports ocean conservation.



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Pierre Hardy for NARS Nail Polishes

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For a new spin on Shark Week nail art, try out this appropriately-named lacquer duo, Sharks, in an unexpected pastel color palette. Layer on a base coat of the yellow hue, and once it dries, apply tape to form a triangular shape starting at the base of your cuticle. Paint on the lavender polish in the open space, and let it dry completely before removing the tape. After a generous layer of clear top coat, you’ll be ready to catch a wave.



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No need to fear the surf in this pastel green shark print sundress.



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Vince Camuto

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Show your love for the fierce predator with this silver and leather shark tooth necklace.



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Yves Saint Laurent

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Channel a shark's gray hue with this highly pigmented polish named Gris Deco.



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Lurking shark fins dance between the waves on this teal blue pocket tee.



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Jules Smith

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This delicate layered necklace delivers twice the bite with its triangular shark tooth-inspired pendants.



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This eye palette features four shark-inspired shades: Great White, Grey Reef, Black Tip and Ocean Blue. 5% of proceeds will be donated to the BLOOM Association, which helps stop unregulated fin trade.



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