5 Fashion Designers You Need To Know This Fall

Designer Names to Drop
Photo: Kevin Sweeney (3)

We've got the bug: We're two days post-Labor Day and one day away from New York Fashion Week, so pretty much all we can think about is rebooting our wardrobes for fall. But let's face it: Emerging fashion brands are a dime a dozen. So to help you know which ones are truly worth buzzing about (and adding to your rotation), we evaluated the most recent batch of contenders to find those with true staying power. Check out the names to look for this season as you comb the racks and click-to-buy.

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Katie Ermilio

Designer Names to Drop
Courtesy Katie Ermilio (2)

What She's Thinking for Fall: Being cleverly narrow-minded. Here recent collection uses only three shades: ice blue, midnight navy, and black. "I love the challenge of bringing to life a strict range of colors," she says. Fans include Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, and Michelle Williams.

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Katie Ermilio's Pieces

Designer Names to Drop
Kevin Sweeney (3)

Lambskin dress, $3,150; cashmere coat with fox-fur collar, $4,500; satin skirt, $1,750. All pieces available for special order at 212-947-2600.

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Hanako Maeda for Adeam

Designer Names to Drop
Courtesy Adeam (2)

What She's Thinking for Fall: Fairy tales. Drawing on the musical "Into the Woods," as well as Gerhard Richter's landscape paintings, Maeda imagined "a city girl who wanders into the forest an consumed by the eerie forces of nature." So much for happily ever after. Fans include Shakira and Lady Gaga.

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Hanako Maeda's Pieces

Designer Names to Drop
Kevin Sweeney (3)

Silk georgette dress with organza overlay, $1,495; 203-966-1764. Silk-wool dress, $1,595; select Saks stores. Embellished wool skirt with organza underlay, $795; 212-664-7999.

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Susanne Ostwald and Ingvar Helgason for Ostwald Helgason

Designer Names to Drop
Courtesy Ostwald Helgason (2)

What They're Thinking for Fall: "French Symbolist poets with dashes of 'Little Shop of Horrors.'" Translation? Their current muse is a "a preppy college girl with a taste for the morbid." Fans include Rihanna and Solange Knowles.

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Susanne Ostwald and Ingvar Helgason's Pieces

Designer Names to Drop
Kevin Sweeney (3)

Cotton sweater, $303; Opening Ceremony. Silk Shirt, $693; 617-262-6100. Polyester-blend pants, $743; saks.com

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Dion Lee

Designer Names to Drop
Courtesy Dion Lee (2)

What He's Thinking for Fall: Not unlike a meteorologist, but definitely unique to a fashion designer, Lee looked at "wind patterns and cyclone imagery" while devising his most recent collection. He also played with texture and "combined rugged Australian outerwear shapes with more decorative lines that spiral the figure." Fans include Kate Bosworth, Charlize Theron, and Emma Watson.

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Dion Lee's Pieces

Designer Names to Drop
Kevin Sweeney (3)

Silk satin dress with polyester spandex, $1,840; silk top with polyester spandex, $975, and polyester crepe dress with mesh and merino wool, $2,090; dionlee.com.

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Marissa Webb

Designer Names to Drop
Courtesy Marissa Webb (2)

What She's Thinking for Fall: Tailoring, all thanks to a vintage tiepin and a book on menswear given to her by her brother. While the focus may be on haberdashery with a twist, this collection isn't about channeling dudes. "There's still this contrast of feminine detailing. I mixed in lace accents, delicate embroidery, and playful prints." Fans include Chloe Sevigny and Karolina Kurkova.

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Marissa Webb's Pieces

Designer Names to Drop
Kevin Sweeney (3)

Shearling shrug, $1.325, and wool-blend coat, $1,250; marissa-webb.com. Wool and silk blouse, $525; barneys. Lambskin-Lycra pants, $1,795; barneys.com.

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