Already In Your Closet: 4 Ways to Wear Your Colorful Puffer Vest

Puffer Vest To an Evening Event
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Puffer vests are generally overlooked and underappreciated in many respects, earning a bad rap in the winter apparel arena for their shapeless (read: less than flattering) marshmallow-like silhouette and their ambiguous functionality that oftentimes elicit strong styling confusion: What about the arms?! Yet, there is a way to wear the padded piece in public without overheating or feeling under-dressed—and look good doing it. We took one quilted J. Crew puffer vest in deep riviera ($120; and integrated it into four different looks that work for various occasions, from the office to the gym. No longer will your neglected puffer lurk in the depths of your closet. Here's to giving the cushiony gilet a second chance (or in this case, four) when cold weather strikes. From layering it over knits and under coats, see all the different ways to style a vest.

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To the Office

Puffer Vest to the Office
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To the Gym

Puffer Vest to the Gym
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To a Casual Get-Together

Puffer Vest To a Casual Get-Together
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To an Evening Event

Puffer Vest To an Evening Event
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