Tips For Tall Women LEAD
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When you’re shopping for clothes, it’s fun to experiment with your personal style, but determining what pieces look best on you and finding them (if they exist at all) can be a challenge. Whether you’re curvy, petite, or tall, some standard sizes just don’t look quite right. With this in mind, we asked Camilla Treharne, creative director of Long Tall Sally, a brand specializing in clothes and accessories for tall women, for her advice on dressing a longer frame. “One size fits all…said no tall girl ever,” jokes Treharne. “By offering the complete tall-wardrobe solution, with everything from swimsuits to sequined dresses, we’re empowering the tall sisterhood to look and feel their absolute best.” Read on for her top three tips.

1. Pay Attention to Fit and Proportion
Tall women can pull off a variety of styles and silhouettes, but the guiding principle is this: Your clothes must fit properly and adhere to your proportions. Any woman who’s at least 5'8" (or who has a longer torso or inseam) will tell you that waistlines that hit at your ribs and pants that don’t reach your ankles are uncomfortable and awkward-looking. Search out pieces tailored with a tall figure in mind so that everything from the rise to the pocket placement works for your body. At Long Tall Sally, clothes are designed for women 5'8" and taller. Items such as jumpsuits and one-piece swimsuits are the trickiest because the extra torso length is essential. “We think about things like elbow and knee placement, necklines, and shoulder widths,” explains Treharne.

2. Know Your Body
Some women “sit tall” and have a long torso, some “stand tall” and have long legs, and some fall into both categories. Figure out whether you need a longer top, longer bottoms, or both, and this will dictate whether you’re able to get away with a regular size or you need a tall-specific size.

3. Invest in a Great Coat
This is something you wear every day, so make sure you don’t skimp when buying one. For tall women, a well-fitting coat should hug the curve of your back, hit perfectly at your waist, frame your shoulders, and reach your wrists. Add the right shoes and you can conquer the world!

Check out our favorite trenchcoat from Long Tall Sally, below, as well as other basics from brands designed especially for tall women.

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Long Tall Sally trenchcoat, $218;

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Dusak Designs dress, $49 (originally $89);

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J. Jill jeans, $89;

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Vero Moda Tall jumpsuit, $58;