These are the designers to watch for next year.
International Woolmark Prize Nominees 2021
Credit: Courtesy Photo

A group of six exciting up-and-coming fashion designers has been nominated for the International Woolmark Prize 2021. This year's nominees have been chosen for their focus on sustainable and innovative practices, all the way from sourcing to production. The 2021 council, which scours the entire globe for emerging designers, includes InStyle's Laura Brown, model Naomi Campbell, disability and design activist Sinéad Burke, and Business of Fashion editor-at-large Tim Blanks.

This year's theme, Less Is More, focuses on transparency in the fashion world, and each nominee was chosen for its emphasis on slow and responsibly produced fashion. Designers found new ways to cut waste, employ local artisans, and utilize both traditional and innovative techniques.

"Now more so than ever, in these incredibly challenging times for our industry, we must continue to support and nurture the emerging voices in fashion design," Campbell said in a statement.

Bethany Williams uses waste and recycled materials in her designs, but includes another layer to her business, partnering with charities to raise awareness around pressing social issues, like homelessness. Kenneth Ize employs Nigerian aso-oke weavers, helping to give their traditional techniques a global audience.

Following their nominations, each finalist will present a Merino wool collection, focusing on how each creation tells the story of its supply chain. Prizes include the International Woolmark Prize, which comes with a $143,000 award, and the Karl Lagerfeld Award for Innovation, which includes a $73,000 award.

2021 Finalists:

Bethany Williams, U.K.

Casablanca, France

Kenneth Ize, Nigeria

Lecavalier, Canada

Matty Bovan, U.K.

Thebe Magugu, South Africa