This is by far the most unexpected — yet surprisingly cool — trend of 2019.

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Summer Clown Style
Credit: Natalie Rojas

When it comes to clothing, I’m someone who tends to stick to a uniform of sorts. A few years ago, I could barely leave the house without adding a bandana to my outfit. Then it was extra-large statement earrings. One winter I bought a bunch of colorful sweatshirts and sleeveless turtlenecks off of Amazon and simply interchanged them throughout the season. Similar to style icons Jennifer Aniston and Jennifer Lopez, I’m someone who likes what they like, and when I really like something? I wear it often.

Still, it wasn’t until a coworker complimented my organza shirt and polka-dot pants pairing that I realized I had developed a new signature style without even noticing. Heading out of a meeting, she remarked that my outfit looked a bit like a “fashion clown” (she meant it in a nice way, I swear!), and once she coined the term, it was as if a light bulb went off.

I really had been wearing a lot of polka dots. I really couldn’t resist a good puff-sleeve shirt. I actually did have a pair of striped Staud pants hanging in my closet. I was literally dressing like a clown — and it didn’t take long to discover that I’m not the only one.

Clown Style Trend
Credit: Tory Burch, Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images

Fashion has taken a pretty fun turn over the past few years. Although some folks are happy sticking with all-black (a no-fail color choice that I, too, enjoy), we’ve seen millennial pink, light purple and green, and even metallics emerge as major trends. Right now, the motto seems to be the bigger the sleeve the better, and little neck details, such as ties and ruffles, are a welcome addition to any shirt. Plus, people no longer shy away from things like colorblocking or mixing prints; pairing purple with yellow is eye-catching and cool, and gingham with stripes is a winning combination.

Clown Style Trend
Credit: Carolina Herrera, JP Yim/Getty Images

While I’ve come to embrace “fashion clown” as my summer 2019 aesthetic, reaching for bold hues, quirky patterns, and pieces with volume, this microtrend doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. Wide-leg pant styles and padded headbands — AKA two very clown-like looks — currently fill stores, and the fall 2019 runways included sequins and sparkles, strong shoulders, platform shoes, and shades of red and orange. In other words: Fashion. Clown.

Clown Style Trend
Credit: Giorgio Armani Prive Couture, Estrop/Getty Images

Even better news? Celebrities such as Yara Shahidi, Elisabeth Moss, and Chrissy Teigen are already on board.

Of course, given how not-so-subtle this sort of dressing can be, I have a feeling that not everyone will be a fan. But if you already have these pieces included in your rotation? Check the mirror. Like me, you might already be dressing like a fashion clown without even knowing it!

Yara Shahidi

Clown Style Trend
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Celine Dion

Clown Style Trend
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Elisabeth Moss

Clown Style Trend
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Mandy Moore

Clown Style Trend
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Laura Harrier

Clown Style Trend
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Chrissy Teigen

Clown Style Trend
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Kaley Cuoco

Clown Style Trend
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