We All Wish We Could Live Like Birthday Girl Supermodel Karolina Kurkova

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Happy 31st birthday, Karolina Kurkova! Since landing her first runway show at age 15, the Czech supermodel and former Victoria's Secret Angel has graced the covers of coveted fashion magazines around the world. The Hollywood "Walk of Fame" recipient has been recognized as one People's 100 most beautiful people in the world, while still landing campaigns for Chanel, Louis Vuitton and Yves Saint Laurent. In honor of Karolina Kurkova's birthday, take in these 10 tips on how to live like a supermodel!

PHOTOS: 10 Easy Tips on How To Live Like a Supermodel

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Don't Be Impulsive With Your Hair

Claudia Schiffer

After chopping off all my hair when I was a teenager and immediately regretting it, I learned the value of having a signature style (in my case, long, blond and straight). Now if I feel myself getting bored with it, I'll make subtle changes-moving the part, letting it grow past my shoulders, or adding fringe-but nothing so drastic that anyone would notice a big difference. It's all about keeping it fresh.

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Power Walk in Stilettos

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Here's a secret I learned early in my career: Tensing the muscles in your calves provides more balance so you can walk, not wobble, in even the most towering heels. For me, Pilates is the best exercise regimen to strengthen legs without making them big.

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Skip Makeup-But Not Sunglasses

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  • Instead of trying to do my makeup first thing in the morning before I leave the house (nearly impossible when you have two kids), I just slip on a big pair of shades. They hide tired eyes and allow me to get ready in a more peaceful environment, be it the office or at a photo shoot.
  • DampG sunglasses, $159; sunglasshut.com.
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Drink Your Way to Good Skin

peppermint tea
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There are lots of creams that will make your skin look and feel nice. But I still believe that drinking at least a liter of water and several cups of peppermint tea a day is the easiest way to make your skin glow.

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Be Your Own Seamstress

safety pins
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With all the last-minute changes that go on backstage at fashion shows-dresses are ripped apart and pinned backed together seconds before models hit the runway-I've become very good at dealing with clothing disasters. I carry two sizes of safety pins in my handbag: big ones to fix rips and smaller ones for broken straps or hems.

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Switch Your Scent Midday

D&G perfume
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  • My recent work modeling for DampG has taught me about having a fragrance wardrobe. Now after I shower in the morning, I apply L'Impamp#233;ratrice, which is very fresh and green and makes me feel like I've really woken up. In the afternoon, I switch to La Lune, a sophisticated floral.
  • DampG No. 18 La Lune and No. 3 L'Impamp#233;ratrice eau de toilette, $65 each/3.3 oz.; at Nordstrom.com.
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Leave Your Hair Slightly Damp

Kerastase Creme
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  • A stylist on a photo shoot once told me that to enhance hair's natural texture and to make a blow-dry more interesting, you should never dry it 100 percent. I use Kérastase Creme to keep my ends from frizzing. It also helps prevent split ends, which I tend to get because my hair is dry.
  • Kérastase Creme UV Defense Active hair cream, $34; kerastase.com.
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Pose For Pictures Like a Pro

Marylin Monroe
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1. Relax your muscles from head to toe. When you are tense, your shoulders go up, which is not flattering.

2. Turn on an angle. Whether you are standing or sitting, never have your knees directly facing the camera.

3. Choose your smile. I've used thousands of different smiles over my career, but two classics every woman should know are Marilyn Monroe's big laugh (left) and Anita Ekberg's subtle grin (right).

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3 Concealers Instead of Foundation

L'Oreal Paris Infallible Never Fail concealer
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When I started modeling at 17, makeup artists were always using too much foundation. I learned you get a more natural finish by skipping foundation and applying concealer only where needed. I buy three shades and use the darkest on my cheeks and forehead, and the lightest under my eyes.

L'Oreal Paris Infallible Never Fail concealer in fair/light, light and light/medium, $10 each; at CVS.

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Travel With Healthy Snacks

Healthy snacks
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Brown-rice crackers and a packet of dry miso soup make for a really delicious energy boost that you can eat anywhere-all you need is a cup of hot water. I always take two or three servings with me on international flights. Plane food is never, ever a good idea.

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