Here’s How to Make Your Own Fashion Rules

Discover a fresh approach to styling for every occasion, inspired by Citizen.

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They say that rules are made to be broken, and we think that’s especially true when it comes to fashion. Most style rules, like not wearing white after Labor Day or only wearing sequins at night, are so antiquated that they’re practically begging to be broken. 

At the end of the day, fashion is all about self-expression, so it’s always the right time to reinvent your personal style. Whether you follow seasonal trends or have your sights set on building the perfect capsule wardrobe, accessorizing is the perfect way to add an extra dash of personality to your look. Luckily, there’s a Citizen Watch for every event coming up on your calendar. Read on for five timepieces that can help you push boundaries and break the rules of fashion on your own terms.

Beach Vacation  

A trip to the beach is the perfect time to try something new, whether it's going scuba diving, learning how to sail, or tasting local foods. Why not also use the time away from home to take a fashion risk? 

On your next getaway, pack the Calendrier Watch, which breaks one of our least favorite fashion rules: Never mix metals. We love the contrast of the two-tone stainless steel case and the addition of Citizen’s sustainable, light-powered Eco-Drive technology that never requires a battery. The watch also tracks moon phase movement, which can be helpful for monitoring tides at the beach. Pair it with a flowy dress and layered, mixed-metal necklaces for an effortlessly cool look. 

Citizen Calendrier Watch $495

gold watch


One new fashion rule we can get on board with? Being an outfit repeater is a good thing. Putting a fun spin on items you already own is great for getting concert-ready in a sustainable way. Let your accessories do the work by keeping your outfit relatively muted (think ripped jeans or leather pants with a crop top or graphic tee). 

Add to the aesthetic with a Citizen Classic Watch, a vintage-inspired timepiece with a dark blue three-hand dial and black leather band. Whether you’re off to a full-on music festival or a performance at a local coffee shop, this watch fits any occasion. Plus, it’s always smart to wear a watch at any kind of concert, so you can keep track of time if your phone dies. 

Citizen Classic Watch $168.75

silver and blue watch

Job Interview

They say you should dress for the job you want, not the job you have, so finding the perfect outfit for your next job interview can feel like a lot of pressure. Show recruiters that you’ve done your homework by researching the company’s dress code and tailoring your outfit to fit their specific style. Keep your makeup light and professional, even if the interview is over video call. 

While professionalism is key when picking an interview outfit, remember that interviews are also about getting a feel for your personality. Show that you’re able to balance tradition and modernity with the Carson Watch. The silver-tone stainless steel bracelet is sleek and elegant, and the light blue dial is on-trend — moving away from last year’s extravagant revival of jewel tones, muted pastel is the color trend of 2023. 

Citizen Carson Watch $525

silver and light blue watch

Black Tie Event

Citizen’s Classic Coin Edge Watch allows you to show some individuality, even when faced with a strict dress code. With a textured coin edge bezel and an elegant gold-tone case and bracelet, this style can be further dressed up when paired with a black-tie gown. Its simple design and detailed roman numeral dial also mean it can be worn in any season, as it complements fabrics like velvet and satin equally. Grab a gold or neutral clutch to really make the watch pop.     

Citizen Classic Coin Edge $350

gold and white watch

Date Night

There’s no such thing as “date night style,” regardless of what the fashion rulemakers might say. While you’ll probably aim for a look that’s simultaneously sexy, refined, and effortless, what’s truly important is that you feel comfortable in the outfit you pick. Your date style should be whatever your personal style is, but tailored to the date itself. For example, you might not want to wear heels to a bowling alley.

For a dinner date, add a little bit of romance to your look with the new Citizen L Mae Watch. The sleek, curved case was inspired by a vintage perfume bottle, and its sustainable mother-of-pearl dial is made of recycled materials from the shell of pearl oysters that are typically discarded after harvest. The dial also features an additional diamond that gives focus to the eight o’clock position — but hopefully you won’t be watching the clock!  

Citizen L Mae Watch $525

light blue and silver watch

Make your own fashion rules with help from Citizen.

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