My Favorite Face Oil Uses a Dermatologist’s “Old Skincare Secret”

Psst, it’s in your kitchen.

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This Derm-approved Ingredient Keeps My Dry Skin Hydrated

Farmacy Beauty

When battling dry skin,  using just one product won’t do. I dream of a day when I can splash my face with water, put on a single night cream, and head to bed. Instead, my nighttime routine involves layering one moisturizing product on top of another on top of another with the hope that I’ll wake up to moisturized and glowing skin. Unfortunately, my multi-step process is giving Patrick Bateman’s American Psycho routine.

While I have yet to find a way to streamline the process, I have found products that leave me feeling moisturized well into the next day. A combination of the right face wash, hyaluronic acid, and a drugstore moisturizer truly nourishes my skin, but there was still a missing ingredient: an effective face oil

After reading rave reviews about Farmacy’s Honey Grail Face Oil, where one customer noted it left their skin “plump and glowing [all of] the next day,” I immediately added a bottle to my cart, and since, my skin hasn’t been the same (in a really good way). This under-$50 oil locked in and imparted moisture to my skin, while giving a healthy glow — both that night and the next day. Honey Grail isn’t overly heavy, but it packs a nourishing punch with ingredients like honey, sea buckthorn, and a five-flower oil blend.

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And I shouldn’t be too surprised by the results given that honey is a dermatologist-favorite ingredient; in fact, Karan Lal, a board- certified dermatologist, called it an “old skincare secret.” While this product works excellently on my dry skin, Lal indicated that it’s suitable for all. “Honey…is a great skincare ingredient for all skin types,” said Lal. “It kills bacteria, gently exfoliates the skin, [and] helps fight hyperpigmentation.” He also added that this oil has “a natural source of omega fatty acids and amino acids [that] help nourish the skin and its building blocks.”

Amazon customers love what this product does for their dry skin, with one middle-aged shopper with dry skin writing, “I have tried A LOT of face oils…This is a very nice oil…hydrating but not greasy after effects. I put this up there with the best of the best.” Another noted how well it worked for their “mature, dry skin,” writing, “It is so moisturizing yet light and soaks into my skin well, making my face so smooth and dewy.”

If you’re looking to add this nourishing kitchen staple to your skincare routine, Farmacy’s hydrating Honey Grail Face Oil is $48 on Amazon

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