The 6 Eyebrow Trends You’ll See Everywhere in 2023

Hint: there will be color and lots of bleach.

Eyebrow Trends
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If you want to define your face in the simplest way possible(at least makeup-wise), nothing quite beats how you shape your brows. So what better way to figure out your next look than with the biggest eyebrow trends for 2023?

The general rule of thumb for anything makeup and hair is as follows: Do whatever feels good to you. But if you need some guidance or looking for some inspo to put on those makeup mood boards, we’ve got you covered. Whether there’s a brow trend you fell in love with last year, you're getting in on a style that's still going strong (a.k.a. bleached tints or the divisive skinny look), or you’re looking for something that's easy and effortless, there is a brow look to suit your needs and lifestyle. 

Below are the six eyebrow trends that experts predict will be everywhere on everyone’s social feeds this year. Read on to find the one that speaks to you. 

Textured Brows

Solange with textured eyebrows

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Anastasia Soare, celebrity brow artist and founder of Anastasia Beverly Hills, says 2023 is the year of natural, dimensional brows. Those getting in on the trend won't be shying away from their natural texture. She recommends using something like the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Powder Duo for that extra lift. 

Colorful Tints

Go bold and bright with your brows. Soare says the colorful tints we’ve been seeing in 2022 will still go strong into 2023 and beyond. “While clean ‘no makeup’ beauty looks have earned their place, people are starting to get excited about getting ready again [and doing] the ritual of it,” she explains.

Brow Bleaching 

Kendall Jenner with bleached eyebrows at the Met Gala

You better believe that bleached brows aren’t going anywhere in 2023. Both Soare and celebrity brow artist and founder of KS&CO Kristie Streicher predict that the celeb-beloved brow bleach will continue on as one of the biggest brow trends this year. 

Fluffy Brows

Lily Collins with fluffy eyebrows

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Streicher claims that fluffed-up brows are another 2023 brow trend you’ll see everywhere. This basically means just leveling up your natural arches for something less done-up but voluminous.  

Skinny Brows

Bella Hadid with skinny eyebrows

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The ‘90s will continue to dominate all our beauty choices this year, and Soare says to expect the comeback of the skinny brow — just with a more updated spin. “Though this may horrify those of us who lived through this trend the first time, we can at least offer the wisdom of experience,” she says. “Whatever you do, don’t over-tweeze; you risk doing permanent damage to your brows.”  

Effortlessly Undone Brows

Zendaya undone eyebrows

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Streicher says less is more when it comes to 2023 brow trends. Therefore, she predicts showing your natural brows will be the next big thing. “The trends are veering towards a lower maintenance and less groomed looking brow with little-to-no product visible,” she says. “Just a good clear gel (her pick is the KS&CO Clear Strong Hold Brow Gel) to show actual hair texture — effortless and undone.”

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