In All My Years as a Beauty Writer, I’ve Yet to See Anything Like These Serums Shoppers Call “Revolutionary”

They deliver wrinkle-eradicating results.

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Shoppers Call These Anti-Aging Serums "Revolutionary" Thanks to Smart Packaging and Wrinkle-Eradicating Results


Admittedly, Exponent Beauty reeled me in with its packaging: Clever, novel, and incredibly sexy, it’s unlike anything I’ve seen in all my years of beauty writing. Upon further research, I discovered its products are backed by serious science — and, per shopper reviews, deliver fantastic, noticeable results. In fact, reviewers have dubbed the brand ”revolutionary,” and rightfully so. 

Exponent Beauty’s Best-Selling Products: 

Exponent Beauty distills some of the most effective, dependable anti-agers — retinol, vitamin C, and CoQ10, to name a few — into concentrated powders, which is housed in a glass pod that neatly attaches to a svelte-looking mixing base. A catchall liquid mix-in, dubbed the Hylauronic Hydrator — a serum spiked with four types of its namesake’s glow-inducing acid — “activates” the ingredient in your chosen pod and yields a slatherable anti-aging serum right before your eyes. Consider it freshly made skincare on demand, if you will. 

Aside from the novelty factor, the reasoning behind the brand’s unique methodology is to ensure that potent skincare actives remain potent without degrading as they sit on a shelf. Vitamin C, for instance, is notoriously unstable; as dermatologist Dr. Marnie Nussbaum previously told InStyle, “minimizing exposure to air and light is crucial.” Per the brand, Exponent delivers “precision-dosed, refillable packag[ing] that prevents oxidation and degradation of famously unstable actives.” Refills of any of the brand’s dosed ingredients can be purchased individually after snagging a starter system and base, which includes the Hyaluronic Hydrator. 

Exponent Time Rewind Retinol System


The Time Rewind Retinol System

According to the brand, this 0.25 percent retinol pod allows the anti-aging superhero to be preserved in “its most potent powder state.” One shopper says they’ve “seen a big difference in forehead wrinkles,” which appear “less deep and noticeable.” Another shopper notes that this serum has all but completely made their milia disappear and kept their hormonal acne “at bay.” Regarding the system, “It’s worth the extra steps for the efficacy,” they say. InStyle writer Ariel Scotti said they were “pleasantly surprised” by how gentle this retinol was, adding that “fine lines around the corners of my mouth and eyes [were] far less noticeable” after four weeks of use.

Shop now: $166; 

Exponent Brightening Boost Vitamin C System


The Brightening Boost Vitamin C System

With 10 percent ascorbic acid, a potent form of skin-brightening vitamin C, this powder packs a powerful complexion-evening punch. One shopper calls this “revolutionary” in light of how it maintains the stable state of the ingredient; “It’s reassuring to know the product won’t go bad,” they explain. Within a few weeks of using the system, they report “bright and radiant” skin.

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Exponent Firming Filter CoQ10 System


Firming Filter CoQ10 System

This powder contains 0.5 percent Coenzyme Q10 in each dose. ICYMI, the ingredient is an excellent skin-firmer thanks to its ability to increase cellular energy and promote collagen production. Shoppers call the system “magic for texture and fine lines,” also noting how quickly it works: One shopper saw a “very noticeable improvement in the state of [their] skin” within two or three uses, adding that their face “looked and felt dramatically smoother” and pores appeared smaller,  “resulting in an ultimately more-youthful appearance.”

Shop now: $166; 

Shop Exponent Beauty’s top-sellers: retinol, vitamin C, and CoQ10, all of which are available in $166 systems that come with the brand’s Hylauronic Hydrator or individual, $98 add-on serums that contain 45 doses each. While it’s an investment, shoppers swear by the products’ ultra-potent, dosed-out delivery of skincare’s most lauded anti-aging ingredients that lend to visible results and purity of the formulas. Besides, who doesn’t want to whip up effective skincare on demand? 

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