This Single Skincare Ingredient Is Helping to Lessen Fashion's Carbon Footprint

Yes, you read that right.

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OK, yes — there are a lot (a lot!) of skincare products on the market right now. People are confused. They don't really know what to use, when to use it, or how to use it. It's a mess, I know.

But hear me out — there's a new girl on the block that won't cost you a fortune, will help to plump and smooth out texture, is clean and safe for sensitive skin, and even reduces fashion's carbon footprint. Yes, you read that right. And no, I'm not making a bunch of crap up.

Meet Evolved by Nature's Barrier Redux Emulsion with 2% Activated Silk™ 33B — a brand new ingredient that's about to make a huge impact.

"Evolved by Nature has been working on and perfecting silk protein for a very, very, very long time, which is why it has such incredible diversity of peptides within it. Using a proprietary process, we’re able to finally unlock, isolate, and recombine those peptides into new, 100% natural ingredients that have a variety of powerful benefits for human skin," explains Greg Altman, CEO and Co-Founder of Evolved by Nature (he also has a PhD in biotechnology engineering). "We call this universe of peptides Activated Silk™ biotechnology, and the polypeptide we’re currently focused on is Activated Silk™ 33B, which has tremendous benefits in terms of boosting the skin barrier."

The ingredient works by maintaining healthy levels of claudin — an adhesive protein that keeps the skin barrier in tact. In turn, it helps to prevent transepidermal water loss, fine lines, and irritation.

"A healthier skin barrier looks and feels firmer, more hydrated, and plumper, helping to mitigate skin issues," explains Altman.

Evolved by Nature Launch

Courtesy of Evolved

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While many skincare products that offer anti-aging properties tend to be drying, Activated Silk™ 33B is focused on repairing and protecting the skin barrier, so it can be universally tolerated. Plus, it's allergen-free, making it suitable for people with even the most sensitive skin.

"We knew through our research with silk protein that the peptides are incredibly sympathetic to human skin, so we began innovating new, healthier, and more sustainable ingredients," says Altman. "We looked at the ingredients filling skincare bottles and we looked at Activated Silk. We knew that we could begin replacing countless problematic chemicals with ingredients that were not only better for human health and the health of the planet, but that would also achieve better results."

Speaking of the planet, the product somehow also manages to reduce fashion's carbon footprint while minimizing skin irritation. Amazing, isn't it? I'll let Altman explain how it all works.

"We’re not really a beauty brand at all – we’re a sustainable biotech company," he shares. "One of the things we’re focused on is creating natural ingredients to improve skin health. Another area of focus is using a different set of Activated Silk molecules to create sustainable chemicals that can replace the petrochemicals used to create fashion. That means replacing chemicals like polyurethane – the type of plastic used to coat wood floors and things like that – in apparel. Doing so brings the carbon footprint of the apparel down and also allows it to become biodegradable so that it doesn’t persists in the environment for hundreds of years."

Thank you, science!

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