Eva Mendes’ $10 Trick for Easy Exfoliation Tackles Alligator Skin and Ingrown Hairs

Baby-soft skin is a click away.

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Eva Mendes Exfoliation Mitts

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Skin — just like life — can get rough. Ugh. And while yes, things can get very bumpy along the way (hey, the hurdles only make us stronger, right?), your skin doesn't have to be thanks to a genius Eva Mendes hack. Mendes was the latest to dish out all the things she can’t live without to The Strategist, calling out a slew of hero products that are 100 percent worth adding to your lineup, like the True Botanicals Renew Pure Radiance Face Oil that so many celebs swear by and a Kora Organics Body Scrub Mendes always makes sure she has on hand. But the standout was an unexpected and affordable Amazon product that she says beats every other exfoliation product on the market (read: loofahs, bathing clothes, brushes, etc.): these Korean exfoliating mitts

The actress was first introduced to the game-changing mitts at a Korean spa in Los Angeles, and she loved them so much, she had to know where she could buy them. Luckily, they sent her to the right place — Amazon, for a reasonable $10, nonetheless.

NEPURE Korean Exfoliating Mitt


Shop now: $10; amazon.com

The mitts are made from 100 percent viscose rayon that gently but effectively removes dead skin while also cleansing pores. With the quick swipe, swipe of a hand, you’ll have baby-soft skin in seconds. But smoothing skin isn’t all these mitts can do — reviewers say regular use has rid them of ingrown hairs, blemishes, and blackheads.

“I’ve tried everything: loofahs, bathing cloths, brushes, the this, the that,” Mendes told The Strategist. “But nothing beats these because you can control how much you want to exfoliate.” 

In fact, they apparently exfoliate so well, one Amazon shopper explained, “I never want to speak about the stuff that came off of my body” post using these mitts. “It was like a science experiment or something. So gross. So, so gross,” they added. Other shoppers credit this exfoliating essential for finally getting rid of their “alligator skin” (or another way to describe it: dry, rough, and aging). “My ancient, rough skin is now baby soft. Amazing! [I] love this product and my soft new skin.” I’m sold. 

 As an added bonus, the mitts also have Amazon’s Climate Pledge Friendly rating, which is given to products with trusted sustainability certificates. That means you can feel really good about using these. 

With Mendes’ $10 hack, you just might finally be able to accomplish the skin-possible (#skingoals). Shop a five-pack of mitts for $10, about $2 apiece.

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