Eva Longoria Says These Treatments Helped Her Feel Like Herself Postpartum

"I thought, 'Oh, okay — this is a mommy secret!'"

Eva Longoria x InMode interview

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Time is one of the greatest luxuries in life, and with it, obvious changes come about. These include smile lines, silver hairs, and a loss in collagen. Defying age will never work — time will always win — however, there are treatments that can slow down the process should that be what you choose to do. Eva Longoria can tell you all about that.

The actor, podcast host, and entrepreneur is all about getting help along the way. "Technology is insane now, so why not take advantage of it?" she tells InStyle over Zoom. She's right, of course. In-office cosmetic treatments have evolved in tenfold over the past years — if you never wanted to do a single crunch again in your life and still flaunt chiseled abs, you'd be able to.

Longoria learned about this a few years ago after giving birth to her son Santiago. She tells us that she didn't immediately dive into an intense workout routine postpartum, rather, she took her time. "After a couple years, I was in my groove and working out and eating right and sleeping well. I was doing everything you're supposed to be doing and I still had not the tightening on my stomach that I wanted, I felt like I had loose skin," she tells us.

That's when one of her friends told her about EvolveX, a non-invasive treatment that uses radiofrequency to remodel skin, treat fat, and sculpt muscles. "It involved radiofrequency, waking up the collagen stimulation in my stomach, and telling my stomach to get taught again - really giving it that extra kick that it needed to do on its own," she tells us. "It contracted my muscles for me. And it did it in a deeper way than exercise can reach."

Additionally, she says she saw results within a week of her first treatment. When she first began getting EvolveX (which was after her son had turned three-years-old), she made three appointments one after the other. It worked quickly and effectively, so now, she only goes in when she wants a touch-up.

After trying EvolveX, Longoria learned about Morpheus8 — a treatment that uses radiofrequency and microneedling to target deep into the layers of the skin to remodel collagen. "That was the mother of all treatments," she raves. "It's a little more in-depth — it involves radiofrequency and microneedling to boost collagen in a deeper way. These treatments really helped remodel the skin on my stomach."

As Morpheus8 involves microneedling, topical numbing is recommended. So, before going in-office to get the treatment, Longoria shares that she applies the numbing cream onto the areas of her stomach (where she gets treated) while at home, wraps that area in Saran wrap, makes breakfast for her son, then drives herself to the clinic after about an hour once the area is numb.

What she loves so much about EvolveX and Morpheus8 is that they came recommended by her friends — they weren't pitched to her. "I thought, 'Oh, okay. This is a mommy secret — I love it!'" she tells us.

Obviously, postpartum journeys are different for everyone, and for Longoria this route felt right. "I didn't want the mommy makeover, I just needed a little tweak, a little help," she says. "So for me, the no down-time, it being non-invasive and almost painless — that's what really excited me."

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Courtesy of InMode

Other things that have helped her feel like the best version of herself postpartum: her community and regular exercise. "Postpartum takes a village. if you look at the blue zones [areas of the world where people live longest] in the world, what they do well is they drink wine, have a Mediterranean diet, have a social circle. They're very social, and socialization is a big part of happiness," she begins. "My hour a day in the gym is my mental health hour because of the endorphins and energy I get for the rest of the day."

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