Shoppers Say There’s “No Need for Falsies” With This $5 Volumizing Mascara

It outperforms my pricier formulas.

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Essence volume mascara

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Truthfully, I’m not a mascara person. I am, however, very much a lover of lashes. Extensions are fantastic — albeit pricey and time-consuming. Spurred by one too many pennies paid and hours spent under a lash artist’s lamp, I’ve taken the DIY route, affixing faux lash clusters over my natural fringe. 

My technique is hit or miss; in instances of the latter, I acquiesce to good ol’ fashioned mascara. Recently, when I’ve been craving a bold, mink-like lash look, I’ve turned to Essence Lash Princess mascara, which delivers inky volume and lash separation in a single swipe. The real kicker: It’s only $5. 

essence Lash Princess Sculpted Volume Mascara


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I must give credit where it’s due: It was a friend of mine, a fellow beauty writer, who implored me to try the Lash Princess Sculpted Volume mascara, three years ago. I promised her I’d give it a whirl — but forgot to do so, and only just discovered its miraculousness about a month ago after a DIY lash extension snafu. As per TikTok, InStyle Editors, and thousands of shoppers, I’m late to the Lash Princess party.

Of the five mascaras in the Essence Lash Princess lineup, the Sculpted Volume formula imparts the plumpest finish, making it perfect for fans of bold, mink-style lash extensions. In fact, the $5 formula outperforms many of my (much) pricier mascaras, particularly from a volumizing standpoint.

True to its name, the formula can be “sculpted” into your desired lash shape. As someone who is partial to foxy, fanned-out looks, I pile the inky, pliable formula onto the outer corners of my eyes. Once dry, my lashes are set in place for the day, where they remain — astoundingly — flake-free.

The wand is equally wonderful. The soft fiber brush features a slight curve and tapered tip, making it perfect for getting cozy with the upper lash line. The taper proves handy for grabbing those impossibly tiny inner-corner lashes.

For these reasons, this mascara is a must — both for me and for thousands of shoppers. In one of the 1,500-plus five-star reviews, a satisfied shopper says that with the Sculpted Volume mascara, there’s “no need for falsies.” Another, who calls it “the best mascara ever” adds that it’s “wonderful,” and is the best they’ve tried over the years.

If inky, sexy, lash looks appeal to you, I implore you to try the Lash Princess Sculpted Volume mascara. Trust me — I wish I’d heeded my friend’s advice sooner.

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