66-Year-Old Shoppers Say This Lightweight BB Cream “Transforms” Wrinkled Skin

We named it the best makeup artist-approved BB cream in our lab tests.

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Erborian BB Cream

Amazon / InStyle

A harmonious marriage of skincare and makeup, BB creams offer the best of both worlds in a single, easy-to-apply product. Also known as “beauty balms,” or “blemish balms,” BB creams “provide light, sheer coverage and often include an element of skincare or skin treatment,” celebrity makeup artist Tara Lauren previously told InStyle. Moreover, “[BB creams] commonly offer both hydration and sun protection.” 

While there are a multitude of options in the BB cream universe, the $45 Erborian BB Cream is particularly noteworthy, per Amazon shoppers, who swear by its ultra-flattering, your-skin-but-better finish and lightweight, cake-free wear.

Erborian BB Cream with Ginseng


Shop now: $45; amazon.com

The Erborian BB Cream is a skincare-infused, tinted product that features buildable, medium coverage and a velvety, skin-like finish. The cream contains a bevy of moisturizing, anti-aging ingredients like ginseng, licorice extract, and ginger,  in addition to SPF 20, which provides added protection against skin-damaging UV rays. As dermatologist Dr. Zion Ko previously told InStyle, ginseng offers antioxidant protection, inflammation-quelling powers, and skin-barrier regeneration, while licorice extract imparts skin-brightening powers and ginger improves skin elasticity for an overall more youthful-looking complexion.

A further testament to its excellence, InStyle chose Erborian as one of the best BB creams on the market, snagging the title of best makeup artist pick. Celebrity makeup artist Lisa Aharon noted that Erborian’s formula is "ultra-lightweight” and allows “the skin [to] breathe.” Plus, she added, “the texture is beautiful.” Aharon pointed to the BB cream’s buildable nature, too, which makes it a breeze to apply whether you’re using a sponge or simply your fingers.

According to one reviewer with mature skin, Erborian is “the first BB cream or foundation [they’ve] found that doesn’t cling to any dry patches or accentuate fine lines, even up close." Another shopper calls it “the most beautiful face product [they’ve] ever used,” adding, “it doesn't look like makeup, just highly moisturized skin…and not cakey!” A shopper in their 40s echoes similar sentiments: “It covers a bit of what I don’t like, without making me look completely overdone or like I’m wearing a mask. One 66-year-old shopper from Erborian’s site says the BB cream “does not drift into wrinkles,” saying “it transforms [their skin] from looking tired to looking bright and finished.”

Shop the hydrating, anti-aging BB cream beloved by makeup artists, InStyle editors, and droves of shoppers with mature skin. Erborian’s BB Cream is bound to deliver a natural, your-skin-but-better finish — plus sunscreen and skincare, all in a single $45 tube.

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