Emily Ratajkowski and Eric André Just Hard-Launched Their Relationship With Nude Valentine's Day Photos

That’s one way to do it.

Eric andre emily ratajkowski street style

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Just hours after Emily Ratajkowski and Eric André’s courtside appearance at a New York Knicks game left all of us wondering if we’d just witnessed a soft launch, the pair decided to make it crystal clear that they are, in fact, an item — and they posted the nude photos to prove it.

On Tuesday, the pair decided to celebrate Valentine’s Day in the most unconventional (yet totally on-brand) manner possible: by posing naked on Instagram. In the pair of snaps — taken by Ratajkowski but posted on André’s account — the comedian appears to have discarded his clothes on the floor before laying on a velvet couch completely naked to sip on a glass of red wine. A strategically placed, arrow-stricken pink heart emoji covers his crotch, and he’s pictured pressing his fingers to his lips to indicate a shushing sound.

For her part, Ratajkowski, whose reflection is seen in the mirror behind André’s head, snapped the picture while wearing nothing but a red mesh bra. “​​💘 💘💘💘💘Happy Valentine’s Day 💘💘💘💘💘,” he captioned the post.

The hot new couple’s equally hot debut comes shortly after rumors first circulated that they were seeing each other following a lunch outing at Via Carota in the West Village. According to a source via Page Six, the pair “looked like they were having a nice chat. They were both laughing and smiling.”

This is one of the first times that EmRata has posted about a love interest on her social media (she shared an Instagram photo of the comedian a night prior), despite embarking on a string of public hangouts with potential suitors in recent months. When talking about dating in the public eye on her podcast, High Low With EmRata, the model admitted it's been “kind of tricky to navigate.”

“I've gone on dates where there's been no pictures, and I'm like, 'All good,' and then there's been times where literally the first time that I've met someone, we spent two hours together, and there's pictures on the internet,” she said.

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