Emily Ratajkowski and Eric Andre Look Pretty Happy Together in These New Photos

Rumors or not, I want what they have.

Emily Ratajkowski Eric Andre

Getty Images

Emily Ratajkowski made headlines when she was spotted with comedian Eric Andre for the first time early in 2023. While she hasn't made anything official just yet, the supermodel and author was spotted alongside Andre again in New York City today. And when a model makes time for a casual stroll during the hectic schedule of New York Fashion Week, it can't be just a quick errand run. 

For the afternoon stroll, Ratajkowski wore black pants and matching Converse sneakers. She added a striped tube top and an oversized, workwear-inspired jacket. Andre had on orange-tint sunglasses and a hoodie. Both of them opted for low-key looks, but managed to still get snapped smiling (like, really smiling) as they soaked up the sun together.

The Andre rumors come after Ratajkowski's short-lived fling with Pete Davidson and a was-it-or-wasn't-it date with artist Jack Greer that the Daily Mail reported. On a recent episode of her podcast, she shared that she's actually using dating apps, though we're not sure which ones have so many comedians to swipe through.

“I was feeling defiant because so many people told me not to get it,” Ratajkowski said before clarifying that she’s looking specifically for “normies." "So, I’m on this app just to meet those people," she said.

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