Emily Ratajkowski's Cheetah-Print Miniskirt Was So Short, It Showed Off Her Bright Blue Underwear

I see London, I see France.

Take one look at Emily Ratajkowski’s wardrobe, and it’s obvious that she’s not afraid of a little micro-mini … anything. Tiny cargo skirts? Make it even smaller with a low-rise fit. Itty-bitty sequin dresses? Perfect for post-Met Gala partying. But even so, her latest look somehow managed to raise the bar — or rather, hemline — even higher by including a cheetah-print skirt so short, it left a pair of bright blue underwear on full display.

Emily ratajkowski hommegirls cover cheetah print skirt

Hommegirls/Grace Ahlbom

On Thursday, the multi-hyphenate followed Kylie Jenner’s suit by gracing the cover of HommeGirls magazine as one of its five Volume 9 cover stars. While the publication’s lead photo showed EmRata posing in a slouchy brown Marc Jacobs jacket paired with a yellow T-shirt and an ERL plaid skirt (also tiny), it was an inside photo that featured the head-turning Sarah Aphrodite cheetah-print wrap skirt in question, which the model layered over a blue JW Anderson dolphin-covered tank top.

Emily ratajkowski hommegirls cover

Hommegirls/Grace Ahlbom

Matching blue leg warmers, white platform Vans slip-ons, a pearl necklace, and (of course) blue underwear completed the barely-there outfit, and Ratajkowski finished the look by pulling her hair into a messy bun complete with a long tail. 

In the photoshoot’s accompanying interview (which went down completely over Instagram DMs, according to the publication), Emily also got candid about the fun, single era that she’s currently living. “This is the first time I’ve ever been single in my life,” the model shared. “I’m proud of myself. Younger version of myself would have prob settled for some mid dude just to have a bf. Glad I’m not in that era anymore.”

She then added of dating in the public eye, “I would def love more privacy, but I also hate when celebrities complain about the lack thereof. It’s definitely just part of the game… But naw, when people hate on my dating life, it’s just uncool. Let me live. I’ve been through some shit. I want to have some fun sometimes.”

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