Drew Barrymore's Favorite Tinted Moisturizer for Blurred and Glowing Skin Is on Rare Sale Right Now

Hailey Bieber uses it, too!

Drew Barrymore's Favorite Tinted Moisturizer
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Open my Instagram and you’ll find a bookmark folder titled “Makeup Inspiration.” Sift through my YouTube watch history and you’ll discover endless smokey eye, graphic eyeliner, and Sephora haul videos. But despite an affinity for editorial makeup looks, the reality is that I tend to keep things pretty simple. I’m a tinted moisturizer, mascara, and lip gloss person, and right now, a product shoppers say is a “must” for a “natural look” is on rare sale.

EltaMD’s UV Daily Tinted Broad-Spectrum SPF 40 sunscreen is currently 20 percent off at Dermstore for just one more day. The tinted, moisturizing SPF has earned itself a spot in Hailey Bieber’s everyday skincare routine and Drew Barrymore once shared it as a “favorite” beauty product in an Instagram post. But on top of celebrity accolades, the sun-protecting, skin-blurring product is a shopper favorite, with hundreds of perfect ratings. And right now, you can grab it for just $30 at Dermstore.

EltaMD UV Daily Tinted Broad-Spectrum SPF 40


Shop now: $30 with code REFRESH (Originally $38); dermstore.com

EltaMD’s tinted sunscreen is zinc oxide-based, designed to protect skin against UVA and UVB rays which (I know you know the importance of sunscreen, but just in case) can cause burning in the moment and, overtime, can lead to wrinkles and discoloration. It’s also formulated with nourishing, hydrating ingredients — including hyaluronic acid and vitamin E — that allows this to pull triple-duty as a tint, sunscreen, and moisturizer.

As a moisturizer, shoppers love that it “absorbs well,” “does not leave [their] face greasy” and “leaves a nice subtle glow.” Another, who had this recommended to them by an esthetician, wrote that it’s, “hands down one of the best SPF moisturizers [they’ve] used,” noting that they “currently use this as [their] daily moisturizer and don’t plan on stopping anytime soon.” 

And in terms of coverage, this tint is “perfect,” wrote a shopper who explained that they were trying to “move away from foundation.” According to others, it “slightly blurs” and “help[s] even out” skin, with one even comparing it to the popular Supergoop Glowscreen a beauty writer recently said conceals their tomato-red complexion. “Ever since I switched over…to this sunscreen, I’ve noticed fewer breakouts and my skin always looks so glowy,” they wrote.

Dermstore’s sale will only last a few more hours, so grab the shopper and celebrity-favorite tint, moisturizer, and SPF while it’s on sale for 20 percent off with code REFRESH.  

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