Elizabeth Olsen Says Her Morning Routine Includes "Shoveling Coyote Poop"

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In case you needed a reminder that the life of a celebrity isn’t always as glamorous as it may seem (you know, beyond the red carpets, designer clothes, and adoring fans, of course), Elizabeth Olsen just opened up about her incredibly normal morning routine that includes making coffee, going for walks, and … cleaning up after coyotes?

When talking to WSJ. Magazine for its My Monday Morning series, the WandaVision actress got candid about what mornings in her Los Angeles home typically look like. After squeezing in a quick stretch before drinking her morning coffee mixed with half-and-half  — “I’m pretty picky about my half-and-half, because some half-and-halfs are better than others,” she said — Olsen revealed that she’ll usually skip breakfast in favor of heading outside.

"I don’t really eat breakfast until I get hungry, which is usually a few hours after waking up. If I’m home, I try and walk outside as soon as possible,” she said. “I like looking at my garden. Sometimes I get to shovel coyote poop. Other times, I get a notice that snails are eating my vegetables, and things like that.”

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When Elizabeth isn’t cleaning up coyote poop or tending to her garden, she also said that she enjoys the very normal hobbies of making pottery and working out. “I’ve been trying to make an entire mug collection for my house. I just threw one out yesterday, I was very upset with the glaze,” she said. “I think I’ve only got seven right now. I want to get rid of the ones I bought and just have them all be ones that I’ve made.”

Olsen continued, “I started doing Tracy Anderson. It’s a very good workout. I do the ones where you work with bands, because I can’t be doing [dance workouts]. That’s a step too far.”

But while the actress may live a relatively normal life beyond closed doors, there is one thing about her day-to-day that’s entirely not relatable: the Olsen sister group chat. 

“Yes, as you would with your siblings,” Elizabeth replied when asked about the chat’s existence. Yes, of course.”

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