Is this Oxygenated Face Cream the Next Cult-Favorite Skincare Product?

Element Eight's science-backed skincare promises to delay signs of aging with oxygen.

Element Eight Skincare
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Element Eight

Oxygen plays several important roles in the body. While the obvious one is breathing, the element is also crucial for maintaining the health of your skin by sustaining its cell metabolism and natural rejuvenation. In other words, oxygen helps the skin shed dead cells so they can be replaced with newer, healthier ones.

While shortness of breath is an obvious sign of lack of oxygen, dullness, breakouts, dryness, fine lines, and wrinkles, are physical signs your skin needs more of the element. New oxygenated skincare brand Element Eight hopes to help out with the latter situation.

Founded by beauty industry veteran Gerard Camme, biomedical engineer Andy Carter, and entrepreneur Brad Pratt, the brand's secret sauce is a proprietary oxygen delivery system developed with a team of dermatologists, scientists, spine surgeons, and trauma surgeons. The Oxygen Amplified Therapy (OATH) is designed to release concentrated oxygen to the skin, help it retain it, and aid in other active ingredients penetrating the skin at a cellular level.

The concept of oxygenated skincare isn't new. Oxygen facials are common on spa menus and can even be found in skincare products. However, these formulas don't reach the skin at a cellular level. To achieve this, the Element Eight team looked to the use of oxygen as a healer in medical procedures, such as spine surgery and bone grafts.

Element Eight launched this fall with three creams, priced at $250 each, available at Along with OATH, the creams have their own active ingredients that target different skin concerns. The O2 Peptide boosts collagen to firm and tone skin, the 02 Squalane repairs the skin barrier and protects it against environmental aggressors, and the O2 Hyaluronic Acid hydrates and prevents signs of aging.

After getting a deep dive (and science lesson) from the brand's founders ahead of its Nov. 3 launch, I've been testing the 02 Peptide for a little over two weeks. Ahead, my unfiltered thoughts on this science-based anti-aging cream.

First Impressions

Since hyperpigmentation and aging are two of my major skin concerns, I naturally gravitated towards the 02 Peptide Face Cream over the other two in the line. In addition to Element Eight's proprietary OATH technology, the formula includes peptides, vitamin C, tranexamic acid, and camellia oleifera extract to boost collagen, tone, and brighten skin. According to the brand's clinical tests, users noticed 60% less wrinkles, 78% improvement in texture and tone, and 20% hydration boost.

The cream has a rich yet silky texture that doesn't feel greasy or slimy on my face. I was impressed with how well it absorbed, leaving behind a nice glow that plays well with sunscreen and layers beautifully with makeup. And with the hefty price tag, I appreciate that one pump of product is enough to adequately cover my face.

Final Thoughts

I love how effortlessly this cream fits into the rest of my skincare routine because I use it both morning and night alongside my vitamin C and retinol serums. According to the brand founders, OATH can actually help these ingredients better penetrate the skin.

After two weeks of using the cream, my face doesn't feel any more or less hydrated. However, I do see a difference in tone. Aside from the dark spots on my chin from old hormonal breakouts, my skin looks brighter and clearer overall.

With a medical origin story, pleasant user experience, and clinical tests that prove results, Element Eight has all of factors that make up a cult-status skincare product. And considering I plan on continuing to use the cream in my routine, I'll be able to say I was an OG fan.

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