New Moms Saw a “Major Improvement” in Dark Circles Thanks to This Nurse-Approved Eye Cream

It makes “such a difference” in puffy under-eyes.

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Nurses and New Moms Are Wowed By This Depuffing Eye Cream

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Dark, puffy eyebags are something everyone (regrettably) has to deal with every now and then. However, night after night of getting too little sleep transforms this pesky occurrence into a chronic issue, and for many, the solution isn’t as simple as “going to bed earlier.” The people our society depends on to function, like nurses and new moms, don’t necessarily have the luxury of getting more shut-eye, and the last thing they need to worry about is looking awake. 

For this reason, so many incorporate brightening and depuffing skincare formulas, like the Eight Saints All in Eye Cream. For instance, a night shift worker saw “super noticeable” results after using it, making it easy to see why the cream is a fan-favorite with nearly 1,500 five-star ratings on Amazon. In the formula, a blend of aloe vera and hyaluronic acid restore the skin’s hydration, which in turn, creates a softening and plumping effect. Meanwhile, vitamin C improves elasticity, reverses sun damage, and gives your skin an overall brighter appearance (just don’t mix it with retinol). Finally, hero-ingredient squalane strengthens your skin barrier to improve moisture retention over time. 

Eight Saints All In Eye Cream


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The ingredient list is simple and gentle, however many night owls swear by its efficacy. One night-shift nurse, who struggled with dark circles and skin sensitivity, noted a “huge difference” in their under-eyes with darkness and fine lines “almost gone” after four days of use. A working mother agreed that their “huge bags” and dark circles “mostly disappeared” after a week. Even a small amount makes “such a difference,” they added. “I have definitely seen major improvement,” raved a new mom, who called the treatment one of  their “top favorite products of all time.”

An eye cream won’t make up for lost rest. However, taking a few seconds every morning to apply an effective formula can brighten and hydrate sleepy skin. Shop this gentle formula from Eight Saints on Amazon to save a few dollars while it’s on sale.

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