I Swear by Amazon's Best-Selling $10 Bonnet to Prevent Bedhead and Frizz

My friends love it, too.

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Me and All My Friends Are Wearing This $10 Bonnet From Amazon To Prevent Damage and Frizz

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Growing up, getting your first hair bonnet was a right of passage; I was given mine at eight years old, and over the years, I’ve gone through several types, from larger bonnets for longer hair, smaller for daily use, styles with ties to keep in place, or more traditional elastic options. I often end up having to replace them because of frequent wear — the elastic either stretches out, the satin becomes pilly and stiff, or it just doesn’t stay secure throughout the night. But my most recent satin bonnet by Edoneery has put my collection in early retirement — even my friends swear this bonnet is the best on the market.

The double-lined satin bonnet is Amazon's number one best-seller, available in 21 color options, with some being reversible. The satin fabric is breathable, which minimizes frizz, prevents hair from pulling, and avoids lint build-up while you’re sleeping. The hair covering features an elastic band that fits snuggly around the head's perimeter, allowing the bonnet to stay secure overnight and fit over various hairstyles.

Satin Bonnet


Shop now: $10; amazon.com

While satin bonnets are a good solution for those with curly hair, bonnets are great for maintaining styles of all hair textures. I notice a stark difference in how my hair looks and feels when I go a few days without wearing my Edoneery bonnet — my hair becomes difficult to manage, as it gets tangled while sleeping, and I find strands all over my pillow from snagging, causing an uptick in split ends. It feels like air when I have it on, and I don't have issues with lint collecting in my hair. I recommend it to everyone, including my friends and family, who adjusted the size of this bonnet to fit my newborn niece because she was forming a bald spot on the back of her head from sleeping on cotton sheetsThe spot was gone in just a month with daily wear.. 

While none of us can stop wearing this bonnet, over 12,400 Amazon shoppers also gave it a  five-star rating. One long-hair reviewer shared, "Now that the hair is off my skin, I sleep so much better," noting that their hair "is almost perfect when they take off [the bonnet] in the morning." Another shopper said this bonnet "changed her life" because now they "wake up and their hair is still curled, minimizing heat damage, with no frizz." A final curly-hair reviewer raved that they had "no tangles, and [the bonnet] stayed on comfortably the whole night."

You can tell bedhead bye-bye with Edoneery's Satin Bonnet, available for $10 on Amazon.

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