Every Product Our Beauty Editors Loved in January

From Mario Dedivanovic’s viral foundation to the moisturizer French women can't get enough of.


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In with the new, out with the old.

The beginning of a new year marks the perfect time to start fresh. Many of us take this opportunity to declutter our spaces, reorganize wardrobes, and clear out any other personal belongings that may no longer spark joy — beauty products included. As we reassess the items that no longer serve us, the ones we hold near and dear become even more special.

This January, there were cleansers we fell in love with, multi-purpose moisturizers we know we couldn't live without, buzzy new deodorants taking over the Internet, and more. These are some of the items that have a permanent spot in our hearts and on our vanities.

Read on to discover our favorite beauty products of January 2023 — we hope you love them as much as we do.

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Skin Inc Cleanser Pure Serum Infused O2 Cleanser

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Skin Inc.

To shop: $26.25; iloveskininc.com  

While there's a lot of innovation going on in the skincare industry, it isn't too often that a cleanser offers something new. However, on a recent trip to Singapore with Skin Inc., I tried the brand's serum-infused cleanser and was pleasantly surprised by its unique texture and formula. Inspired by the double-cleansing ritual, I love how this cleanser evolves from a gel texture to a silky foam that bubbles before its final form as a cream. It gently removes makeup and cleanses the skin, leaving it supple and soft. - Pia Velasco, Senior Beauty Editor

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Glossier Deodorant

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To shop: $22; glossier.com

If you’ve ever thought, I wish all my products smelled like You by Glossier, I have good news: The cult-favorite fragrance is now a natural deodorant, too. I’ve been using it all month, and I can confirm that it lives up to expectations. As far as formulas go, this one is aluminum free with pretty solid staying power — I only reapply in the evenings if I need a refresh after work — and the scent is divine as ever. Oh, and the packaging is, of course, cute, discreet, and easy to use. - Madeline Hirsch, News Director

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Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentré

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To shop: $29; embryolisse.com

Ask any French woman what skincare she uses, and odds are she'll mention this moisturizer — and for good reason, too. It's full of highly nourishing and soothing ingredients that replenish and keep the skin barrier healthy and thriving. What I love the most about this cult favorite, though, is that it's the best moisturizer to use as a primer for any type of makeup, regardless of the formula. It never pills, never breaks me out, and always keeps my skin healthy. I love it so much that I have both the regular tube in my vanity and the travel size, which comes with me whenever I jet off. - Pia

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Makeup By Mario SurrealSkin Foundation

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Makeup by Mario

To shop: $42; makeupbymario.com

What really sets this foundation apart is the finish. I prefer a dewier look (matte formulas just aren’t my thing), and Makeup by Mario’s new SurrealSkin Foundation is nothing short of luminous. The product is also buildable (my preference), as opposed to full coverage, so I can scale my application up or down based on my needs. Consider this the latest addition to Mario Dedivanovic’s long list of instant smash hits. - Madeline

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OleHenriksen Dewtopia 20% Acid Night Treatment

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Ole Henriksen

To shop: $60; olehenriksen.com 

When my prescription retinol was confiscated by airport security (RIP), one of the first worries I had was that my skin texture, which I had worked so hard to smooth, was going to get bumpy again. Thankfully, this bottle of powerful AHAs and PHAs was allowed on board. I've kept my skin looking smooth and glowy without my full stock of products, and for that reason, it's the staple I know I can always count on. - Pia

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Ranavat Restoring Moonseed Treatment

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To shop: $125; ranavat.com

Come winter, I always reach for products that make my skin feel taken care of — and Ranavat’s Restoring Moonseed Treatment does just that. Yes, “skin barrier” is one of 2023’s biggest beauty buzzwords, but its protection is also a legitimate concern for anyone who wants bouncy, healthy skin. Using Ayurvedic ingredients, this twice-weekly balm treatment is meant to soothe, nourish, and cushion your skin as it deeply hydrates. I’ve used it a few nights when I’m feeling dull and dry (it’s winter, so that’s pretty often), and I wake up with cushioned, happy skin. The brand claims long-term use helps reduce wrinkles and fine lines (with the clinical trials to prove it), something I’m looking forward to in the coming months. - Madeline

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