After Trying 14 Lip Treatments, I Found the 3 Nourishing Formulas I’ll Be Using All Fall

The best are from Versed, Kopari, and Well People.

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Go-To Long-Lasting and Ultra-Hydrating Lip Treatments


I can’t leave the house without a lip balm, treatment, oil, etc. I have at least one, but usually two, in each purse, tote, and jacket pocket. Somehow, there are still rare occasions when I leave the house, only to realize later on that I do not have any lip products on my person. 

As a beauty editor, I have been receiving a couple lip treatments a day in preparation for fall. I have been testing them all almost instantly, as lip treatments are the easiest products to test; I can swipe one on whenever, wherever — it doesn’t require a mirror, foresight, or anything, really.  

I have tried 14 lip treatments in the last month and only three have truly stood out: the Versed Silk Slip, Kopari Tri-Peptide Lip Cloud, and Well People Lip Nurture. Keep reading to  all of which I will elaborate on below. 

Versed Silk Slip Tinted Lip Oil



Shop now: $10;

Silk Slip is a conditioning lip oil that comes in three colors and one clear option. I expected for the consistency to be runny and therefore, not long-lasting, but this isn’t the case; Silk Slip is wet, hydrating, and glossy but without any sticky viscousness. As your lips absorb it, the oil goes from a gloss to a hydrated sheen. It feels really nourishing thanks to jojoba oil, vitamin E, and sunflower seed oil,  and I don’t find myself needing to reapply it until hours later. I started with the colorless option before trying the Blossom pink, which I liked for a subtle tinted effect. 

Kopari Tri-Peptide Lip Cloud Plumping Oil Treatment

TRI-PEPTIDE LIP CLOUD plumping oil treatment


Shop now: $24;

Peptides are collagen-building proteins that can actually penetrate your skin and therefore be effective, and Kopari’s Lip Cloud incorporates three of them, in addition to hyaluronic acid, which provides a plumping effect. First, I love this wide type of doe foot applicator that’s becoming more prevalent in lip products. Lip Cloud’s formula feels soft and luxurious and only requires one swipe; it’s hydrating and makes my lips so glossy, they look like glass but with no stickiness. This feeling lasts a couple of hours, in addition to a fuller-looking pout, which looks plumper the longer I wear Lip Cloud.  

Well People Lip Nurture Hydrating Lip Balm

Lip Nurture Hydrating Balm

Well People

Shop now: $15;

I didn’t think I liked Lip Nurture when I first tried it; it’s quite thick and the first dollop required relatively a lot of force and pressure to get it out of the tube. The consistency is as thick as wax, though that is not to say the formula is waxy. 

A few hours later, I was surprised by how much I liked this Well People balm. It felt like my lips were coated in a shield, the subtle tint was great, and it lasted half a day — longer than any other product on this list. After putting it on, I went through two refills of my Nalgene, a diet coke, and then wore my mask on my commute home. To my surprise, the Lip Nurture balm was still on. I like it already, but am betting I am going to rely on it heavily as the weather becomes colder and dryer. 

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