65-Year-Old Shoppers Call This Vitamin C Serum “Life-Changing,” and It’s 40% Off

This discount is so good, it's bound to sell out.

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65-year-old shoppers call this vitamin c serum "life-changing," and its 40% off
Eclat Skincare Store.

Amazon’s spring beauty sale is officially underway — and there are over 50,000 products included. It’s a behemoth of options that swallowed my Sunday night (I found myself on the 15th product page at 11 p.m.) At one point, I entered a sort of trance state which only the most shocking and impressive of deals snapped me out of; chief among them is Eclat’s Vitamin C Serum, which has more than 40,000 five-star ratings and is currently just $12. 

If you’ve tried your fair share of serums or spent enough time reading ingredient lists, then you know that there are actually various types of vitamin C with different pros and cons. Eclat’s formula uses sodium ascorbyl phosphate, which is antioxidant-rich and gentler than many of the other more common options though just as effective. 

There are a ton of benefits to the specific type of vitamin C found in the Eclat Serum. The antioxidants make it great for fighting free radicals — aka environmental factors that accelerate signs of aging including wrinkles, sun spots, and loss of elasticity. The ingredient also promotes collagen production and evens out skin tone by preventing new and reducing existing dark spots. Lastly, it has antibacterial properties which make it appropriate for acne-prone people. 

PURE Vitamin C Serum


Shop now: $12 (Originally $20); amazon.com  

The Eclat Vitamin C Serum also has a 20 percent concentration of hyaluronic acid alongside vitamin E and retinol. The combination brings you all of the anti-aging and skin-brightening benefits you could ask for while still being gentle and hydrating. 

The best-selling serum is an incredible concoction at an especially great price, according to the enthusiastic reviewers who call it a “staple” in their skincare routine. A 65-year-old shopper described the serum as “life-changing” and said that it brought her confidence back. Another shopper of the same age said they previously tried “retinol as well as other procedures by doctors,” but this is the product they “don’t want to be without.” They raved that their “dark patches are disappearing” and their complexion is more “even-toned” to the point where they’ve switched to minimal makeup. And if it’s the quick results you’re looking for, some customers even claim the serum has made a “difference” in as little as a week.

Head to Amazon to shop Eclat’s impressive Vitamin C Serum while it’s still 40 percent off and in stock. 

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