Dua Lipa Paired Her Butt-Length Braid with a '90s Zig-Zag Part

The '90s are the moment, thanks to Dua Lipa.

Dua Lipa is redefining the '90s revival one beauty moment after another. From spiky space buns to glittered eye shadow and straight side bangs, the pop star is bring back pre-Y2K glam loudly and proudly — and yesterday, she reintroduced yet another nineties-inspired look that we thought we'd never see again: zig-zag parts.

Dua Lipa 90s Hair
Dua Lipa rocking the 90s revival in a zig-zag hair part with a butt-length braid.

Dua Lipa/Instagram

On Sunday, Lipa posted a collection of snapshots on Instagram that showed off her new hairstyle while she posed on top of exposed rafters inside a cozy home. In the photos, she wore an oversized distressed leather blazer, which was paired with knee-high brown buckled boots and sheer tights. The singer accessorized with a trio of hoop earrings and silver rings, while her dark hair was arranged into a slicked-back, butt-length braid with a zig-zag hair part. Finishing off her look was metallic eyeshadow and smudged eyeliner.

In the first snap, Dua straddled the ceiling beam while pulling on her braid to show the ponytail's sheer length, and in a second shot, with a smirk on her face, she wrapped the butt-length braid around her neck like a scarf, which was followed by a close-up photo of her zig-zag part. The photo dump was captioned, “how did the kitten get stuck up a treeeeeeee *ฅ^•ﻌ•^ฅ*.”

Just a few days prior, Dua debuted another throwback hairstyle on Instagram. During an appearance at the ESNS European Music Conference and Showcase Festival, where Dua was awarded the ESNS Excellence Award, the pop star wore her signature brunette hair in a sleek bun with long, side-swept bangs.

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