Dua Lipa Paired Logomania Gloves With a Velvety Puffy Corset Dress

Who knew corsets could look so cozy?

Celebrities are torn on the corset: while some claim to love the severe posture they provide and the transformative feel that comes with getting laced up, others decry how uncomfortable they are — but Dua Lipa seems to have found a corset gown that manages to look cozy. During Monday's Booker Prize ceremony, she paired an off-the-shoulder, sweetheart-neckline gown that featured a corset bodice (complete with boning) with a pair of Burberry-logo sheer gloves.

Dua Lipa Booker Prize 2022


While that all sounds like standard red carpet (or, for Dua, just everyday) fare, the material looked to be velvety, fuzzy, and almost puffy. The shoulder details featured large, exaggerated shapes and that same overstuffed motif appeared along the neckline. Lipa showed off the look with a photo dump on her Instagram feed.

"The Booker Prize 2022 📚," she wrote alongside the photos.

In a speech that night, Lipa spoke about her love of reading, which started when she was still in school, and how she continues to read to get away from the hectic schedule she has when she's on tour. She even mentioned that she loves having authors on her podcast, Dua Lipa: At Your Service.

"Reading is a passion that has taken many forms for me. Like countless other London school children, my early obsessions included Roald Dahl and Malorie Blackman, both of whom gave me little pearls of wisdom that still guide me today," she said. "Earlier this year I launched a podcast, which I love because it gives me the opportunity to speak one-to-one with some of my favorite authors. They make incredible guests because they are so in tune with human emotion — it’s honestly better than any therapy session I’ve ever been to!"

The Booker Prize is an honor given to an English-language novel every year. For 2022, Sri Lankan writer Shehan Karunatilaka won for his sophomore novel, The Seven Moons of Maali Almeida.

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