The Skincare Device Shoppers “Highly Recommend” for Fighting Wrinkles Is $200 Off for One More Day

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Droplette Sale

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As life-changing as skincare devices are, there is one glaring roadblock: their price point. You can, of course, circumvent this problem by buying them on sale, although this is easier said than done. Finding a discounted skincare device requires vigilantly checking prices. You may not have time for that, but as a beauty editor, I do — and I’m happy to report that you can snag the Droplette Micro Infuser for $200 off with the code FLASH until 12 a.m. EST on January 28. 

Before you add it to cart, there is one small caveat: This discount applies only to the cobalt blue color. That being said, this is probably the highest discount I’ve ever seen on a Droplette device, and one of the steepest markdowns on skincare devices altogether. 

But there is much more to this device besides the 67 percent discount. There’s a lot of science and technological specifications, but the gist is that the brand’s skincare capsules are diffused through micro-mist, which purportedly better penetrates the skin

Droplette Micro-infuser


Shop now: $99 with code FLASH (Originally $299);

Collagen, for example, is notorious for being an ingredient usually too large to penetrate the epidermis to actually leave an impact. Droplette wants to change that. The device’s process is three-step: There are five individual serum sets and three skincare routine kits. This includes a lip plumper, an epidermal growth factor (EGF) serum, retinol, and collagen.

Hundreds of five-star reviewers say Droplette does, in fact, work. One reviewer said that this is the “first over-the-counter product” ever to work on their “terrible rosacea.” After using the Droplette Micro Infuser with the Radiant Detox Regime, their rosacea has improved by “95 percent.”

A 53-year-old reviewer that was “concerned about wrinkles around [their] eyes and mouth” wrote saw results after using Droplette for six weeks with the Collagen Hydrofiller capsules. “I have definitely lost the depth and appearance of my wrinkles… I highly recommend the Droplette and the capsules for getting results in fighting wrinkles.”

If you have been eyeing the Droplette Micro Infuser Device or are looking for a way to make skincare ingredients do more for you, head to Droplette to shop the cobalt blue color for just $99 with code FLASH.

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