I Skip Concealer Entirely When I Use This Blurring Eye Cream Created by a Plastic Surgeon

The transformation is near instantaneous.

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My Dark Circles Dont Need Concealer When I Use This Plastic Surgeon-Created Blurring and Brightening Eye Cream

Dr. Naomi

Good packaging and clever branding are enough to get your foot in the door, but as I’ve come to learn, it's all moot if the product doesn’t work. I was drawn to Dr. Naomi’s Catfish Blurring Eye Cream by the syringe-like bottle and applicator, but have been a repeat user thanks to a brightening, filter-like formula that is so good, I can altogether skip concealer. 

Dr. Naomi is a skincare brand that just arrived stateside from Australia a couple of months ago, so here’s a quick introduction. It’s a clean- and vegan-beauty brand started by Dr. Naomi McCullum, an Australian doctor known for her non-invasive, injectable-focused approach to cosmetic dermatology. 

The 30-something products in the line are divided into three collections — Rejuvenati, which targets signs of aging like wrinkles and uneven skin tone; Everyskin, which is made up of products that target universal concerns such as the appearance of pores and general skin health; and Fillerista, which mimics the skin-plumping, moisture-enhancing benefits of injectables. The Catfish Blurring Eye Cream is part of that last collection.

Catfish Blurring Eye Cream

Dr Naomi

Shop now: $85; drnaomi.com

I use Catfish in the morning as the last step of my skincare routine — and no more than 15 seconds later, my eyes are depuffed, brighter, and I have drastically less-severe dark circles and a finish as smooth as porcelain. The ingredients responsible for the near-instantaneous benefits are Dr. Naomi’s proprietary brightening complex, kangaroo paw flower extract, and hyaluronic acid filler spheres. I can wake up looking like an exhausted, puffy, dehydrated raccoon and Catfish will quickly turn me into the glowing image of health with moisturized, tight, and bright skin. 

Other shoppers had similarly transformative experiences with this eye cream. One reviewer ended up with Catfish after experiencing “the most shocking insomnia,” which left them with “an eye area that went from youthful to aged very quickly.” After using the product for two weeks, their eyes “looked much brighter with [fewer] lines and a lot less puffiness,” to the point where people commented that they must finally “be sleeping well again.” 

Once you try Dr. Naomi’s Catfish you’ll be a believer, but if you’d like to start small, there is a smaller (and less expensive) mini version, too. 

(P.S. If you decide to buy a second Dr. Naomi product, let it be the ApocaLips Plumping Treatment — it’s so effective, my sister thought I had gotten a lip flip.) 

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