I Gave This Tightening Eye Gel to Multiple People for Christmas, and I'm Already Hearing Rave Reviews

Giftees say the benefits of Dr. Loretta’s Eye Gel kick in immediately.

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I Gave This Tightening Eye Gel to Multiple People for Christmas, and I'm Already Hearing Rave Reviews

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Even though I consider myself a master gift-giver, most people feel obligated to praise the gifts they’ve been given, whether they genuinely like them or not. I gifted Dr. Loretta’s Tightening Eye Gel to a few people on my list who had complained to me about tired eyes and dull, droopy skin, and when I received two rounds of compliments, I knew they were sincere. 

After their first use of the gel, I received quick texts along the lines of “OMG, I can’t believe how instant the tightening effect is.” A week later, longer, more detailed texts of praise began trickling in, many of which focused on not only the instant and temporary tightening effects, but also the improvements they saw after a week of twice-a-day use. 

Dr. Loretta Tightening Eye Gel


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These benefits are exactly why I decided to give this to a handful of people. Marine algae-derived peptides protect skin from the effects of weather and temperature fluctuations — think of the literal hot and cold from leaving your warm apartment to walking in the frigid cold to being on a packed and swampy subway car. Regardless of conditions, your skin will be tight, supple, and firm. Chromabright is the other star ingredient and it’s a complex that fades dark spots, brightens, and improves the evenness of skin tone. 

The overall effect promised by the product and delivered according to my giftees, is tighter and brighter skin with drastically less severe dark circles. Dozens of reviewers agree, with one writing, “[Dr. Loretta Tightening Eye Gel] is lightweight and perfect for everyday [use]. I've already seen a major difference. My eyes look brighter and less tired.” 

Given the major praise I’ve received for Dr. Loretta’s Tightening Eye Gel, I’m positive this will be a staple in my gifting repertoire for birthdays and holidays to come. Shop it at Nordstrom, Dr. Loretta, and Dermstore

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