Bethenny Frankel Calls This Universally Flattering Liquid Bronzer “the Best,” and I Wholeheartedly Agree

It’s an Amazon best-seller.

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Dr. Haushka Bronzer
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It’s a dreary day in New York City as I write this, but my sun-kissed skin is completely misaligned with the forecast. I look healthy, aglow, and believably bronzed, as if I’ve just returned from a yoga retreat in Bali. At risk of sounding smug — I even skipped foundation today.

Admittedly, my lifestyle as of late — wine-riddled, takeout-heavy, over-caffeinated — is hardly to thank. Rather, I owe my glow entirely to Dr. Hauschka’s Translucent Bronzing Tint, which I slapped on this morning after mixing it with my moisturizer. An Amazon best-seller, the bronzer is also beloved by Bethenny Frankel, who recently proclaimed it “the best” via an Instagram post.  

Dr. Hauschka Translucent Bronzing Tint, 0.6 Fl Oz


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The Dr. Hauschka Translucent Bronzing Tint is an ultra-sheer, blendable liquid bronzer. Formulated with flexibility at the forefront, it’s completely customizable: Mix a pump or two into any moisturizer, serum, or sunscreen, or apply the bronzer directly to bare skin. Formulated with “mineral and chlorophyll pigments,” per the brand, the tint “create[s] a natural sunlit warmth all skin tones can enjoy.” 

Invariably, Dr. Hauschka’s bronzer is natural-looking — regardless of how it’s applied. (I’ve even slapped it over my foundation midday with favorable results.) Unlike many bronzers, it’s resistant to pilling, streaking, or patchiness. The formula’s sheerness and blendability deliver a skin-enhancing — rather than a skin-concealing — effect, for a finish that’s anything but makeup-y.

As with all products from Dr. Hauschka (a go-to brand for Jennifer Aniston and Jennifer Lopez) the tinted bronzer contains botanical ingredients to deliver skincare benefits over time. Specifically, skin-softening olive oil, for instance. 

In Frankel’s video, she gave a wry review of a handful of ultra-popular liquid bronzers. “There’s no discussion,” she says when she gets to the Dr. Hauschka’s tint, “it is the best one.” Frankel demonstrates the product’s glow and sheerness by buffing it onto her skin. “When it gets on your face, [the color] warms and [it] wears like a serum,” she says, adding, “you know it’s going to be good for your skin.” 

Shoppers wholeheartedly share Frankel’s affinity, for many of the same reasons I adore the bronzing tint. One shopper calls it the “perfect face bronzer,” adding that it “smells amazing.” Another, who says they’ve tried “a hundred bronzers,” calls this one the best: “[It] blends so evenly and looks so natural.” 

Shop the ultra-sheer, universally flattering Dr. Hauschka Translucent Bronzing Tint. It’s truly the most versatile bronzer I own, and I swear it swaps sallowness for a healthy, believable glow.

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