I’m a Beauty Editor, and I’m on My Second Bottle of This Multitasking Serum From an Oprah-Favorite Brand

It’s so good, you’ll forget it’s sunscreen.

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I'm a beauty editor and after two years i finally need another bottle of this glow inducing serum

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Sunscreen has a bad reputation. Although there’s been some controversy surrounding it in the past, it’s definitely changed — for the better. Sun protection doesn’t mean a zombie-like white cast and thick, skin-smothering formula anymore. In the last five years, it's gone from a product I begrudgingly use to one I actually look forward to applying. Of the handful of SPF products I like, there is one I recently panicked when I ran out of — Dr. Barbara Sturm’s Sun Drops

The Sun Drops have SPF 50 and a consistency somewhere in-between a serum and a light cream. It takes two to three small drops to cover my entire face, and another two for my neck and chest. It really goes a long way which is why I feel okay about the $150 price point — it’s taken me two years of very regular use to finally run out. 

What I like most about it is that it doesn’t feel like a standard sunscreen; in fact, it’s one of the most versatile products in my skincare routine. I’ve mixed it in with foundation and concealer, I’ve applied it before makeup as a primer, and I’ve even used it as my last skincare step before moisturizer. Another plus? Oprah herself is a Dr. Barbara Sturm fan; the media mogul (who is an investor in the brand) included the brand in her Favorite Things list last year, and even recently gave it a shoutout on Instagram.


Violet Grey

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Where the Sun Drops really shine is as the last step in my beauty routine. It makes my skin absolutely radiant — it’s the look of dew drops or a luminizer, but without any of the sparkle, glitter, or makeup-y look and feel. It sinks into my skin and feels weightless — no heaviness or pilling. It feels like applying silk to my skin and it never congests my pores or makes me break out (which is rare for me). 

Besides sun protection, Sun Drops is also formulated with cassia extract, arginine, and beta-glucan. Cassia extract is a plant-derived ingredient with emollient and antioxidant benefits. It helps the skin fend off damage from environmental stressors and pollutants. Arginine is another antioxidant that offers hydration and repairs skin damage. Lastly, the beta-glucan strengthens your skin barrier while counteracting UV-related skin damage which makes it an incredibly complementary ingredient in sunscreen. 

It’s all of that sun protection, skin-healing, and complexion-enhancing benefits in one neat bottle that has me happily ready to spend $150 again. This bottle of Dr. Barbara Sturm Sun Drops is one of my favorite glow-boosting skincare products. Shop it at Violet Grey and Amazon before everybody finds out about it this summer. 

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