The Ultimate Guide to the Different Types of Bikini Waxes

There’s a style no matter how bare you want to go down there.

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Before we get into some useful tips on how to groom your pubic hair, we celebrate whatever amount of hair you choose to keep down there — all, none, or something in between. “It’s a personal preference. There’s no right and wrong. Whether you want to leave it or wax it off, it's all about feeling comfortable and confident in your skin,” says Page Buldini, waxing expert and founder of Page Aesthetics Skincare. 

If you are in the camp of hair removal, a couple of the benefits of waxing your pubic hair are that it can prevent ingrown hairs, last longer than shaving, and slow down regrowth with consistent wax services. But if you’re new to the world of bikini waxing or want to switch up your usual look with a new style, you’ll quickly realize there are many different types of bikini waxes to experiment with. 

Of course, your esthetician or waxing pro is there to answer your questions. “Leading up to your appointment, I recommend reaching out to them if you feel anxious or have concerns,” says Buldini. While your waxing technician has seen it all before, we understand you might want to be as well-informed as possible before you strip down. Here, Buldini describes the most popular types of bikini waxes so you can get an idea of what you’re signing up for. Still, getting on the same page with your esthetician and clarifying which hair you want to remove or keep is always a good idea. Salons might have their interpretation of the different styles, so make sure you’re not walking out with a fully bare bum you may not have wanted. 

Classic Bikini Wax

If you’re looking to target areas of pubic hair that can be seen outside your bikini bottom, a classic bikini wax will do the trick. “Sometimes, I even have the client leave their undies on or use disposable underwear to show them exactly how much I’m taking off,” says Buldini. If you like the idea of keeping a decent amount of hair, or if this is your first time getting a bikini wax, this style is perfect for you. “Since we’re not removing all of the hair, I wouldn’t say it’s completely painless, but it’s certainly more tolerable than going completely bare,” she says. 

Full Bikini Wax

The name of the style is slightly misleading, as it implies that your esthetician would remove everything (that’s a Brazilian, more on that below). However, there’s still a little hair left behind in this case — less than in a classic bikini. Sometimes also known as the “triangle bikini wax,” this method leaves a “triangle-shaped amount of hair on your pubic bone that could be as full or as small as you’d like,” says Buldini. 

French Bikini Wax

Like a full bikini wax, the French bikini wax leaves a little hair on the inside and top of the labia. Sometimes referred to as “the landing strip,” this style goes deeper than what your bikini bottoms would cover and is “great for those who feel very sensitive near the labia. Most sensory receptors are where the lips meet,” says Buldini. So, if your pain tolerance isn’t high, but you want your front as bare as possible, consider the French wax — a slight step up from the full bikini. 

Mini Brazilian Wax

If the mere thought of getting every single strand of pubic hair removed makes you anxious, but you still like the idea of being completely bare in the front, the mini Brazilian wax will be right for you. Estheticians have varying interpretations of this style: “This look could be quite similar to a full bikini wax or French wax where there’s a little martini glass-shaped triangle of hair left on the pubic bone,” says Buldini.

Or, you could completely remove the hair from the front (pubic bone and labia) and keep the hair on the back. This is also sometimes referred to as “the deep bikini wax.” You can typically think of this as a classic Brazilian, but concentrating on just the front. “It’s great for wearing those deeper, high-cut bikini bottoms,” says Buldini.

Full Brazilian Wax

No hair, don’t care. Sometimes referred to as “the Hollywood wax,” people who opt for this style  “don’t enjoy the feeling or look of pubic hair. Choosing a full Brazilian wax means you want to completely remove hair from the pubic bone, labia, the butt strip, and the bum itself,” says Buldini. You might be thinking, ouch. We won’t lie: Your first experience might hurt. “However, the more often you get waxed, the less your hair will grow back. With repeated waxing, pubic hair will naturally bald over time and becomes less painful,” she says.

Butt Strip

It’s not the sexiest-sounding name, but at least it doesn’t confuse you. “The butt strip removes all the hair between your butt cheeks,” says Buldini. The butt strip is included in the full Brazilian wax. But, if the thought of wax near your anus makes you cringe, or if you feel uncomfortable laying in a yoga-like, fetal position for your aesthetician to get the right angle, you can skip the butt strip.

Full Buttocks

The full buttocks can also be included in the full Brazilian. “If you don’t like the look of hair on your bum, the full buttocks includes the butt strip, the cheeks, full upper hip, and the sides of your hips, too,” says Buldini. Major perk: “The nerve receptors on your backside aren’t as strong, so it’s not as painful,” she says. 

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