Diana Kelly Levey

Diana Kelly Levey
Title: Writer
Education: Rutgers University
Expertise: Health, wellness, parenting, lifestyle, sleep

Diana Kelly Levey is a freelance writer who focuses on health, parenting, pets, and sleep stories.

  • Diana's work has been published in Shape, Parents, Real Simple, and many other publications.
  • She holds a B.A. from Rutgers University.
  • Diana also owns a business that coaches others on how to successfully become freelance writers.


Diana Kelly Levey is a journalist, editor, content marketing writer, and author with a focus on health, parenting, pets, and sleep. She has been published in Shape, Parents, Real Simple, and many more magazines and brands. She has been writing for and working with award-winning websites and brands for over 15 years and owns a freelance business that teaches others how to become freelance writers through courses, coaching, and digital products. Diana has run half marathons and shorter races but now spends most of her time sprinting after her infant and toddler in their Long Island home where she lives with her husband and large adopted dog. When she has some time to “herself” (ha!), Diana likes naps, red wine, bike rides, reading fiction, and wondering what she did with her free time before having children.


Diana earned her B.A. from Rutgers University.

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