Shoppers Say This Foot Peel Heals Dry, Cracked Feet in Just 2 Weeks

For results "no pedicure on earth can match.”

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Over 49,000 Amazon Shoppers Are Saying This Foot Peel Mask Will Give You "The Worlds Softest Feet" In Just Two Weeks

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With temperatures quickly rising, it’s time to put away your winter boots and break out your favorite pair of sandals. You may not have felt the need to keep up with regular pedicure appointments while in shoe hibernation, but with flip-flops returning to  your footwear rotation, it’s time to give your toes a little TLC. While a good clipping and a bright-colored pedicure will bring them back up to par, shedding that winter layer of dead skin will leave your feet feeling silky-smooth. Dermora's Foot Peel Mask will get your toes poolside-ready.

The foot peel treats rough, dry, and cracked feet by removing the dead skin via a sock-like foot mask. Just slide it onto your feet, leave it on for 60 minutes, and within two weeks, you’re left with baby-soft heels and toes. The mask comes in bundles of two, three, four, or eight, 10 scents, and two sizes: regular and large. The peel is formulated with fruit acids and extracts that painlessly slough away the dead skin cells on the soles of your feet.

DERMORA Foot Peel Mask


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When using the foot peel, there are a few things to keep in mind to get the best results: The brand suggests avoiding lotion and foot cream for the duration of the peel, as well as picking or pulling loose skin. And while the final results do take some time, be patient; it's not recommended to exceed more than one foot mask per month. 

Many Amazon shoppers went into great detail about their peeling experience, which should last between six and 11 days. One reviewer said their "skin was shedding like crazy" from days two to eight, and by day nine, “the calluses on [their] heels [were] completely gone." Another shopper bought a designated pack of socks to "wear [during the] day and [changed into a fresh pair] at night” to contain and dispose of the loose skin. In fact, with the weather still in flux, you can use this trick to comfortably conceal your peeling feet in public ahead of sandal season.

With a whopping 49,500 five-star ratings, more Amazon shoppers say this foot peel mask gave them "the world's softest feet." One 45-year-old reviewer claimed this to be the "most affordable foot restoration product," bringing their "cracked feet back to baby-soft." Another shopper described their feet as being “so soft and smooth” and noted that their “feet don’t even feel this good after a pedicure.” A final reviewer said they “didn’t know if their feet had ever felt this fresh” and that “No pedicure on earth can match this feeling.”

Get summer-ready feet for just $17 with Dermora's Foot Peel Mask, available on Amazon.

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